These games let you do anything. It’s the latest revolution in gaming, and now its available on mobile devices. Interact with the game world like you would interact with the real world. The rules are the same. Here’s insightful information about open world games for Android smartphones.

MadOut2 BigCityOnline (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Replayability: 4/5 Music/Sound: 2/5

Overall Score: 13/20

The beginning of this game is set in a rural area with farm houses and wooden fences. In the distance, there’s a city filled with tall, modern buildings. There’s roads, cars, and pedestrians. If you get hurt while exploring, the game will restart at the local hospital. There’s a garage to fix the car. The time of day changes as you play; the color of the sky changes.

The environment is destructible. Fences, light poles, traffic lights, and pedestrians can be run over. The car gets damaged and explodes. You can fight other people with weapons. There are ramps for launching cars, and you can drive off-road.

The radio in the car works. You can change the station. The camera perspective is customizable as well. There’s a map displaying the car’s location and other points of interest


  • Press lower-left side of screen to activate joystick; use it to move around
  • Drag right side of screen to look around
  • Tap the bullet button to punch, kick, or shoot a gun
  • Tap the leaping man button to jump
  • Press the weapon button to change weapons (guns, fist, etc.)
  • Tap the door button to get in a car or exit a car


  • Press the large pedal button to accelerate
  • Press the thin pedal button to stop and reverse
  • Press the exclamation button to stop
  • Press the horn button to honk the horn
  • Press the right or left triangles to turn in that direction
  • Press the ring button to access radio, camera, and NOS settings

What’s good about this game? The wide open cityscape is impressive. You can purchase guns cheaply, and use it to destroy cars and kill people.
What’s wrong with this game? There’s a lot of ads. You can disable the ads for $0.99. The graphics are low-quality.

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 1/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Replayability: 2/5 Music/Sound: 3/5

Overall Score: 8/20

This is a crazy, open-world game. The game takes place in a city with traffic, pedestrians, parks, payphones, bridges, trees, and light poles. The cars are destructible. Several weapons are available including guns, rockets, and flamethrowers.   There are several modes, including a multiplayer mode. The story mode has several missions. There are a few levels that are very good and fun to play.


  • Press joystick to move
  • Tap or press bullseye to shoot gun
  • Tap door icon to open car and exit car
  • Press right and left triangles to turn car
  • Press up and down triangles to drive forward and backwards

What’s good about this game? It can play music stored on the smartphone during games. Explosions are designed well. In certain locations, cars and trucks drive realistically into you; it’s shocking.
What’s wrong with this game? The graphics are bad.

Gangstar Vegas (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 4/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Replayability: 5/5 Music/Sound: 5/5

Overall Score: 18/20

This game is set in a large city. There’s a massive highway system, city street grid, traffic, pedestrians, businesses, industrial zones, bridges, rivers, mountain ranges, and outskirts of the city.

There’s cool car chases and gunfights through the city. It’s an open world environment. Walk on streets, and explore the city and surrounding regions. Buy weapons and cars, or carjack other vehicles. The radio in the vehicles play music and talkshows. The radio stations can be changed. The gun works while driving – tap the shoot button.

The environment is destructible – crash into light poles, traffic lights, signs, and fences. There are missions; complete each one to progress through the game. There’s also challenges, which unlock zones. There’s a map of the city with points of interest and GPS navigation.


  • Directional joystick on left side of screen for moving
  • Drag right side of screen to look around
  • Lock-on button for aiming and shooting
  • Door button for interacting with cars – get in; get out; jump out while car moves
  • Accelerate, brake, and arrow buttons for driving and steering
  • Crouch, hug wall button
  • Motion control option

What’s good about this game? It’s open-world. The time and environmental conditions change. You have the ability to purchase property and swim in the river.
What’s wrong with this game? In some locations in the game, the background objects suddenly appear as you explore the area.

List of Features:

MadOut2 BigCityOnline

  • Missions – 10 Chapters – Lots of missions in each chapter
  • Online Mode – Battle against other players online
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Open-world environment – cityscape, rural areas, roads, apartment complexes, etc.
  • Changing time and sky
  • Cars, pedestrians, destructible environments, ramps, etc.
  • Open world interactions – carjacking; working for hire; random assaulting/killing
  • Map – Home; Player; Garage; Points of Interest
  • Garage – Buy and fix cars; Buy weapons
  • Settings – User (language; difficulty; camera invert pitch; camera speed rotate; FPS view;button location); Graphics; Sound; Keyboard; Joystick; Testing
  • Shop – coins; diamonds

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

  • Game Modes – Campaign; Story; Multiplayer; Challenges; Custom
  • Customization – Body; Clothing; Weapons; Randomize
  • Options – Controls; Graphics; Camera; Music Playlist; Speed Units
  • Extras – Share; View Intro; Achievements; Credits; Stats
  • Help – Games Modes; Controls; Mini Map; Cops; Support
  • Pause button
  • GPS map with player and enemy locations
  • Reverse option – start from beginning of game
  • Car features – right; left; forward; backwards; horn; lights; speedometer; gear display; door open/close; shoot out of car
  • Open world interactions – carjacking, random assaulting/killing; drowning
  • Chat room

Gangstar Vegas

  • Quick Play Modes – Casino Games; Replay Checkpoints in Each Level; Devil’s Due; Devilish Deeds; Classified Missions; UFO Sightings; Survival; Heist; Carnage; Brawl; Assault; Sniper Challenge; Delivery; Time Attack; Ring Challenge; Freefall; Racing; Stop and Go
  • Open-world environment – massive cityscape with highway infrastructure; traffic; pedestrians; industrial zones; rivers; mountains; bridges
  • Open world interactions – carjacking; random assaulting/killing; swimming; working for hire
  • Map of city
  • Shop – Vehicles; Weapons; Clothing; Drones; First-aid Kits; Masks; Packs; Mystery boxes; Upgrades
  • Workshop
  • Hit List
  • Gang – Join a gang or create a gang
  • Profile – Skills; Friends; Weapons; Vehicles; Time Tracker; Money Tracker; Attacks; Total Distance; Ventures
  • Events – Watch ‘n’ Win; Gang Event; etc.
  • What’s New Headlines
  • Challenges
  • Leaderboards
  • Settings – Customer Care; Language; Notifications; Link a Device; Help; Visual Quality; Subtitles; Auto GPS; Auto-Post; Detailed Clothes Stats; Auto-use consumables; Facebook Log-in; Google Play; Sound (Music; Radio; Voices; SFX); Controls (Motion; Control Sensitivity; Camera Sensitivity; Controls for Transportation)