The gangster world is out there somewhere. Bring it to a smartphone with the following games. You can play them without being initiated into a digital game world ruled by gangs. However, some of the games might be too real and force you to uninstall the game. Check out the scores and highlights for each game.

Gangstar Vegas (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 4/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Replayability: 5/5 Music/Sound: 5/5

Overall Score: 18/20

In a town run by the mob, a MMA fight is fixed, but the fighter that is scheduled to lose, wins anyway. Now he’s running for his life, avoiding hitmen and cops.

There’s cool car chases and gunfights through the city. It’s an open world environment. Walk on streets and explore the city and surrounding regions. Buy weapons and cars, or carjack other vehicles. The radio in the vehicles play music and talkshows. The radio stations can be changed. The gun works while driving – tap the shoot button.

The environment is destructible – crash into light poles, traffic lights, signs, and fences. There are missions; complete each one to progress through the game. There’s also challenges, which unlock zones. There’s a map of the city with points of interest and GPS navigation.


  • Directional joystick on left side of screen for moving
  • Pan right side of screen to look around
  • Lock-on button for aiming and shooting
  • Door button for interacting with cars – get in, get out, jump out while car moves
  • Accelerate, brake, and arrows button for driving and steering
  • Crouch, hug wall button
  • Motion control available

What’s good about this game? It’s open-world. The time and environmental conditions change. You have the ability to purchase property.
What’s wrong with this game? In some locations in the game, the background objects suddenly appear as you explore the area.

Mafia City (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 2/5 Gameplay: 1/5 Replayability: 2/5 Music/Sound: 3/5

Overall Score: 8/20

This is a multi-player, online game where each player builds their own mafia-styled estate. Strengthen it and add defenders. To do this, train bikers, build counterfeiters, and upgrade the mansion. Then, spy on rival gangs and attack. You can join a clan or create one. There are jobs to complete. The goal is to maintain power and fend off rival gangs and cops.


  • Drag screen to view city or grounds on the estate.
  • Tap icons, status, tickers/notification, buildings, and characters to interact with it.
  • Perform tasks by tapping the pointing hand.
  • Buy items by tapping the value tag on the item.

What’s good about this game? There’s nothing good about this game.
What’s wrong with this game? It’s overly complex. To play it as intended, the player needs to invest a lot of time and effort to properly strategize and plan.

Auto Theft Gangster (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 3/5 Replayability: 3/5 Music/Sound: 2/5

Overall Score: 11/20

This game takes place in a fictional world where gangsters thrive. There are several places to visit including Liberty City, Metropolis, Vegas, Uptown, Private Island, the Slum District, Chinatown, and San Andreas. You can visit a sewer and a place called The Zone. These places are accessible via the train station.

There are lots of missions. Use a baseball bat and a car to complete the missions. Go to the waypoint, which is displayed on the map and in the game environment.


  • Drag screen to look around
  • Use directional joystick to move in any direction.
  • Tap baseball bat icon to attack people.
  • Tap door icon to get in car and get out of car.

What’s good about this game? There is a 2.5D camera angle that makes the game more playable in certain parts.
What’s wrong with this game? There is a fence that runs along sections of the city and prevent the player from traveling through certain areas.

List of Features:

Gangstar Vegas

  • Quick Play Modes – Casino Games; Replay Checkpoints in Each Level; Devil’s Due; Devilish Deeds; Classified Missions; UFO Sightings; Survival; Heist; Carnage; Brawl; Assault; Sniper Challenge; Delivery; Time Attack; Ring Challenge; Freefall; Racing; Stop and Go
  • Shop – Vehicles; Weapons; Clothing; Drones; First-aid Kits; Masks; Packs; Mystery boxes; Upgrades
  • Workshop
  • Hit List
  • Gang – Join a gang or create a gang
  • Profile – Skills; Friends; Weapons; Vehicles; Time Tracker; Money Tracker; Attacks; Total Distance; Ventures
  • Events – Watch ‘n’ Win; Gang Event; etc.
  • What’s New Headlines
  • Map of City
  • Challenges
  • Leaderboards
  • Settings – Customer Care; Language; Notifications; Link a Device; Help; Visual Quality; Subtitles; Auto GPS; Auto-Post; Detailed Clothes Stats; Auto-use consumables; Facebook Log-in; Google Play; Sound (Music; Radio; Voices; SFX); Controls (Motion; Control Sensitivity; Camera Sensitivity; Controls for Transportation)

Mafia City

  • Maps – Estate; City; World
  • Jobs Board
  • Items List
  • Store (Sale; Resources; War; Buff; Other)
  • Mail (Messages; Clan; Battle Report; Event; Mafia City Studio; System; Favorite Mail; Resource Rob Report; Street Report)
  • Clan – Join or Create
  • Chat – City and Clan
  • Resource Counter – Cargo and Cash
  • Gold Counter
  • Leader Info
  • VIP Upgrades
  • Search Button
  • Bookmarks
  • City Hall – Bribe Mayor; Furtive Sabotage; World Map (visit other cities)
  • Profile
  • Achievements
  • Leader Talent
  • Settings – Account; Message Notification; Redeem Code; GM; Fans Activity; Guide; Blocked Player; Flag; Language; Report BUG; Switch Line; Automatic Diagnosis; Forum; Options (Sound; Quest Tips; Equipment Display; VIP Display; Priority of Settings; Clear Cache; Daily Rewards Reminders; Camera Setting After Marching; Weather Effect; Crime Ops Avatar; Clan Gift Mail Name Display; Auto-Translation)

Auto Theft Gangster

  • Game Modes – Daily Target; Capture; Daily; Activity; Arena; Mission
  • 13 Regions
  • Directional Joystick
  • 3D and 2.5D camera
  • Actions – character expressions including Happy; more expressions unlocked at higher levels
  • Bat Attack Button
  • Door Button
  • Automatic Action Button
  • City Map with Radar Data
  • World Map with Regions
  • Notice – What’s New
  • Social (Mail; Friend; Request)
  • Options unlocked at higher levels – Bag; Chara; Gang; Ranking; Team
  • Vehicle Inventory
  • Chat
  • Settings – Function (Sound; Game Performance; Drive Mode; Vibration Screen; Information Push); Battle (Auto Heal; Auto Target); Chat (System; World; Nearby; Team; Gang; Private); Support Messaging; Account Binding