The Olympics are over. If you want more extreme sporting action, download the games listed in this review. There’s a snowboarding game for Android smartphones, an off-road motorcycle game, and a surfing game. The reviews are insightful, and there’s a list of features at the end.

Snowboard Party: World Tour (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 4/5 Gameplay: 3/5 Replayability: 5/5 Enjoyability: 4/5

Overall Score: 16/20

In this game, you control a snowboarder that slides down slopes filled with ramps. The levels contain snowy environments. The goal is to reach the finish line while completing various objectives. Use the analog stick to accelerate and stay within the track lines. At the start of each level, tap the screen to skip the level overview camera shot; it’s too long.

You can perform various tricks and collect items on the course. To perform a back flip, push the analog stick down while in the air. Release the analog stick at the right time to land safely. If the snowboarder isn’t traveling fast enough, some tricks might not work. To accelerate, push and hold the analog stick up.

What’s good about this game? Cool snowboarding tricks
What’s wrong with this game? There are multiple paths in each level; this makes it confusing to navigate.2.

2. The Journey – Surf Game (Google Play Store)

 Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Replayability: 2/5 Enjoyability: 2/5

Overall Score: 9/20

This is a surfing game that’s difficult to learn. Follow the tutorial and try a few practice tricks. To perform a top turn, press D, then press I, quickly. To perform a cutback, press D, then press and hold I. These letters are displayed on the right side of the screen; it spells ‘RIDE.’ The location of the surfer on the wave may affect which moves are possible.

You could surf through the level with the up and down arrow, avoiding crashing waves. However, to unlock the next surfing region, you may have to complete challenges. This includes performing complex moves.

What’s good about this game? Surf waves and surf sounds
What’s wrong with this game? Some surfing tricks are too fast to see after tapping the buttons.

3. Trial Xtreme 4 (Google Play Store)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 3/5 Replayability: 4/5 Enjoyability: 3/5

Overall Score: 13/20

This is a motorcycle game that takes place on obstacle courses through exotic environments (angled side-scrolling). There’s ramps, bridges, and hills. There are checkpoints. While jumping on ramps, use the leaning buttons to land safely. You may have to use the lean button while accelerating to avoid falling backwards. After the tutorial, you can play in new locations. You can practice riding in a new stage or race against another player. New game modes are unlocked after completing 3 levels.

What’s good about this game? The background environment is well-designed.
What’s wrong with this game? Racing against another player on an obstacle course is distracting.

List of Features:

Snowboard Party: World Tour

  • Touchscreen analog stick or accelerometer tilt motion control
  • On-screen controls are customizable – change location and opacity of icons
  • Controls: Front-hand Grab; Rear-hand Grab; Slide; Jump/Air; Accelerate; Steer; Slow down
  • Pause button
  • Game Modes: Freestyle; Halfpipe and Big Air; Time Attack; Multiplayer
  • Each level has objectives to complete
  • Music plays in the background
  • Snowboarder’s gear is customizable
  • Upgradeable Attributes: Speed; Spin; Balance; Air
  • Each character has a background story
  • Tutorial
  • On-screen information includes the following: Stance; Trick Name; Last Trick; Total Score; Current Combo Score
  • Trick List
  • Post to Twitter option
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboard


Trial Xtreme 4

  • Touchscreen control or accelerometer tilt motion control
  • Bike customization
  • Rider customization
  • Game Modes – Packages, Duel, Tournament
  • Acceleration button
  • Pause button
  • Screenshot button on pause screen
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • Crash button on pause screen
  • Restart button
  • Lean forward button
  • Lean back button
  • Hop button
  • Track map showing progress and previous run
  • Timer
  • Music and sound effects options
  • Player stats
  • Change nickname option
  • Notifications
  • Social Media options – Facebook, Google Play, Twitter
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

The Journey – Surf Game

  • Game Modes – Multiplayer; The Journey; Practice
  • 26 surfing regions
  • Unlock regions by riding waves
  • Complete challenges in each level
  • Store – surfboards, t-shirts, etc.
  • What’s New notifications
  • 4 camera perspectives: Default; Back; Front; Drone
  • Facebook Invites
  • Soothing surf wave sounds
  • Exit button next to counter
  • Boosters – Tube; Maneuver; Timing
  • Replay button
  • List of tricks
  • Youtube video demonstrations of tricks
  • Customization options for surfers
  • Audio options