Christmas is almost here. Consider giving a mobile game this year. The following list contains action games that are entertaining. There’s a review for each one. Check out the scores before downloading them from the Google Play Store.

Nova Legacy (Google Play)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Replayability: 4/5 Enjoyability: 4/5

Overall Score: 15/20

This is a first-person shooting game that takes place in space. The levels are well-designed. There’s a target to reach, and the distance to it is displayed on a waypoint. On board the spaceship, there are monsters and robots. Kill them with rifle fire and grenades.

The game responds to touch controls. Drag the left side of the screen to move the character, and drag the right side to aim and pan the camera. Use the buttons on the right side to attack. One suggestion is to swipe firmly across the screen to move effectively through the levels, especially around corners.

What’s good about this game? The levels are designed perfectly. Corridors, doors, elevators, and room spacing are displayed realistically on the smartphone. Multi-floor rooms are done well too.

What’s wrong with this game? It’s hard to throw or equip secondary items while shooting. It’s also hard to aim at enemies.

Cover Fire (Google Play)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 5/5 Replayability: 4/5 Enjoyability: 5/5

Overall Score: 17/20

This is an over-the-shoulder, hide-and-shoot game. The goal is to kill soldiers and destroy vehicles. Each mission is a short scenario. There are perks to enhance performance.

The controls are easy to use. It includes a fire button and an unmarked aiming section. It’s more efficient to use the left side of the screen to aim or pan the camera. Press and drag your finger on the screen to aim.

The game automatically moves the player from one cover zone to another. However, in later levels, if the cover is destroyed, a move button is displayed. Press it to move to another cover spot. After each mission, there’s a reward screen. Tap the icons to obtain the prizes.

What’s good about this game? It has awesome cover-shooting gameplay and a responsive AI. The slo-mo perk is great too.

What’s wrong with this game? There’s a wait time to play if you don’t have a ticket. It could be up to one hour.

Implosion (Google Play)

Graphics: 3/5 Gameplay: 4/5 Replayability: 5/5 Enjoyability: 5/5

Overall Score: 17/20

This is a hack and slash game that takes place on a futuristic Earth that was destroyed by Xada mutaforms. You play Jake – a space pilot in an exo-suit that is armed with a sword. The goal is to find out what happened to Earth. Complete each mission by killing mutaforms. There are on-screen joysticks that appear when you touch the screen. The left side of the screen controls the movement, while the right side controls actions. Tap the strike button repeatedly to fend off enemies.

What’s good about this game? Well-paced missions that allow you to slash continuously without getting tired of the game. 

What’s wrong with this game? Gun operation is impractical and hard to use.

Features List for all games listed:

NOVA Legacy

  • Comments from crew are displayed at the bottom of the screen (text box with photo – no voice)
  • Easy-to-use fire button; automatic reload; manual reload
  • Secondary weapons, grenades, ammo, and armor are available
  • Target location and distance countdown waypoint displayed on screen
  • Several game modes: Events, Multiplayer, and Campaign
  • Leagues and private matches are available in multiplayer mode.
  • Events include Headhunter and Butcher

Cover Fire

  • Multiple chapters set in interesting places – blockaded towns, desert train routes, jungles, fortresses, and labs
  • Awesome ‘final kill’ camera
  • Impressive damage animation – impact force and splatter pattern
  • Destructible environments
  • Cover integrity percentage bar and display
  • Upgradeable skills and combat level
  • Unlockable modes: Skirmish and Events (Zombies Underground)
  • Unlockable features: Characters, Black Market, and Supplies


  • On-screen buttons: Strike, Power Thrust, and Barrel Roll
  • Secondary weapon (rifle) – Hold upper-right screen to activate when available
  • Chapters with several missions
  • Useful weapon sync boxes in each level
  • Easy or hard mode
  • Cool sword slashing mechanics
  • Cool story with comic book-like narrative in between missions
  • Directions from team at start of each level – photo and text box with voice
  • Badges – awarded after completing requirements
  • Ark system – customize exo-suit
  • Ark store – buy ark powers
  • Cloud saving/syncing
  • Achievements and leaderboards