It’s time to check the app stores for new games. There might be one or two that are worth downloading onto your smartphone. I recommend getting the games that have awesome graphics. They look great. Here’s the complete list for the month of November.

Strain Tactics (Google Play, Apple App Store)

This is a squad-based tactical shooter that takes place on a ravaged Earth. The planet has been infected with an alien virus. Your mission is to clear towns of infected creatures by deploying ground forces. The game has an overhead view, which provides an expansive view of the battlefield. Easily drag across the screen and deploy forces. Here’s more features:

  • 80 playable characters
  • 150 unique items and weapons
  • 30 maps
  • 5 scenarios – Escort, Retrieval, Clean Sweep, Perimeter Defense, Hunter-Killer
  • Dynamic drag control system

Armor Age: Tank Wars (Google Play, Apple App Store)

This is a real-time strategy game with tanks. Control up to six tanks in a squad during a mission. You can level-up a tank and obtain blueprints for new technologies. The battles take place on the outskirts of town, in the wilderness and farms. The countryside is the perfect setting for these tank battles. Here’s more details about this game:

  • Real-time battles
  • Tactical pause mode
  • Campaign mode and PvP mode
  • A selection of combat vehicles from various countries
  • Variety of tactical missions

Heroes Evolved (Google Play, Apple App Store)

This is an arena battle game with more than 40 heroes. You can use various elements to your advantage during a match including terrain, the fog of war, hero attributes, and custom gear. There’s quick matchmaking and multiple playmodes. In the Chaotic Strife Mode, the rules are changed frequently to enhance the gaming experience. Here’s more information about this game:

  • Stream videos of related game content from YouTube and Twitch.TV
  • Review detailed match records
  • New characters including Bruce Lee
  • New game mode – 7v7
  • 18 new achievements

Into the Dead 2 (Google Play, Apple App Store)

This is a survival game where the player has to run across a field while avoiding zombies. Use guns and knives to kill the zombies. If you get caught, try to fight your way free. The goal is to make it to the end of the course. Along the way, collect ammo that is placed throughout the level. Here’s more details:

  • Evolving story with multiple endings
  • 7 chapters; 60 stages
  • Well designed levels – oil fields, military bases, campsites, and rural farm towns
  • Melee weapons
  • Daily events and special events modes

Shadow Fight 3 (Google Play, Apple App Store)

This is a fighting game with RPG elements. It has smooth animations and HD graphics. The action is lifelike due to the physics engine, and the fights take place in a 3D environment. Master mysterious shadow powers that render your enemy helpless. You can also collect gear and explore a large game world. Here’s more details:

  • 3 fighting styles
  • Shadow-based fighting mechanic
  • Story-driven game
  • Hundreds of perks and super moves
  • Character creation tool