Developers are submitting more games to the app store. Here’s a list featuring three of them. Two of the games require the player to interact with elements that fall down the screen, and one game requires the player to keep their character swimming upward as long as they can. Descriptions, features, and links are provided, along with a video for each game.

Magic Tiles 3 (Android, iOS)

This is one of the most popular piano games in the app store. It was updated recently with a daily request system that delivers more diamonds and songs. A VIP pass was added as well that includes additional songs. The gameplay consists of tapping black tiles and avoiding white tiles. Here’s more info on this game:

  • Band Mode offers more instruments – guitar
  • Frequently updated pop music
  • Challenge Mode helps players improve the tapping speed
  • Facebook integration and sharing options for multiple devices
  • 17 million players around the world

Fall Down (Android, iOS)

Drop a ball down a maze in this game. The drop can be quite high, and the obstacles on the way down are strategically placed to challenge the player. There are over 50 unique levels, each designed intricately. Some levels have moving shapes that make the gameplay more enjoyable. There are five unique worlds to play in. There are several more features including:

  • 2 separate game modes: Endless Mode and Level Mode
  • In Endless Mode, you play for the high score
  • In Level Mode, complete each level in each world – there are 10 levels in each world.
  • Unlockable characters including Jason from Friday the 13th

Swim Up Fish Adventure (Android, iOS)

In this game, you play as a fish that swims through seaweed, mines, and other underwater obstacles. You can compete with other players and look on the leaderboards to see who has the highest score. The goal is to swim up as long as possible and avoid getting eaten by other sea creatures. Here’s more info on this game:

  • Over 30 types of fish; each with their own unique abilities
  • Several locations including shorelines, caves, reefs, seaweed forests, and ancient temples
  • Endless runner gameplay – play as long as you can