Want to improve yourself in 2018? The new year is always a great time to set some goals for yourself (or nix some of those bad ones!). If you want to create the very best version of yourself, here are some apps that can help you develop a better you.

Sleep Better Sleep Tracker

One of the best ways to make sure you’re functioning at a high level is to get a good amount of sleep. Because we’re so busy, we can end up neglecting this important aspect of our health. So, to ensure you’re getting all of the sleep you need, download the Sleep Better app from Runtastic. Available for free for both iOS and Android, the app helps you see which daily habits impact your sleep and gives you long-term data to view your overall sleep patterns. There’s even a way to track your dreams! Users of the app have even said, “I feel significantly better on mornings when I use Sleep Better than on mornings when I don’t.”


There are tons of studies out there that prove that daily meditation and mindfulness exercises can have significant benefits to our physical and mental health. To create a better you, check out a meditation app like Calm (available for free on both iOS and Android), which can provide you with daily reminders to take some time out of your busy schedule and meditate. There are breathing exercises to help you relax, guided meditations to help you fall asleep, and music to help you focus on specific tasks. Mental health professionals and psychology experts all recommend this app to people with anxiety or depression, as well as any individuals who’d like to improve their mental clarity. One user said, “I have definitely noticed a difference in my ability to handle stress and calm myself in hectic moments. I have recommended this app to all my friends and coworkers.”

Free Butt Out

You probably can’t be your best self if you’re still smoking all those cigarettes. So, download the Free Butt Out app for iOS devices to help you track your cravings and cigarette usage. Viewing all the data in this handy app can help you visualize your progress and help you stay accountable with your habit. One user said, “This app makes quitting EASY! I am smoke-free for 90 days and never going back thanks to this app and the community!” If you need more assistance quitting smoking, you can try vaping too. Just snag a starter kit for as low as £24.99, and use the all-in-one eCig device with refillable pods to help you get started.

We already know you’re an awesome person, but if you want to step up your game and become even better, check out these apps to improve yourself even more!

About the Author: Erin Konrad