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Most of take the Wi-Fi feature of our smart phones for granted. However, this should not be the case. Each one of you should make the most and the best out of this feature for your smart phones. There are many apps that are supported by Wi-Fi network, which make this feature in our Android smart phones just great. The apps that are available in the Android market are actually very versatile. The available apps can help enhance your connection, can automatically unlock your phone and more. The following are the 5 of the most favorite apps available in the Android market.

Wi-Fi Buddy Beta

This particular app is a network scanning tools. Its main purpose is to help you get connected and open networks. Moreover, it also keeps the connection active even when you have not been doing anything on your phone for a while. Another great feature of this app are the VPN settings that make sure that your connection is safe and secure.

Unlock with Wi-Fi Free

This app is loved by all the Android users as it makes their life so much simpler. This app automatically unlocks your Android device as soon you enter your house and get connected to the Wi-Fi network of your house. Isn’t that amazing?

Orange Wi-Fi

Now this app is a bit discriminative. It has especially been designed for the Android customers who live in UK and are on the Orange mobile network. This app makes it possible for its users to pinpoint and get connected to BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots that are a part of the Orange plan that they have subscribed. The good part here is that these users do not have to memorize the digits or passwords for these hotspots.

Super Tether

If the Android device that you use runs version 2.1 or less of the operating system, then it will not be possible for you to switch your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot without having to root it. This means that you need to download this app for it to work.Wi-Fi Radar

Wi-Fi Radar is once again one of the most beloved of the Android apps in the Android store. What makes this app such a favorite is the fact that it makes you see the physical location of the wireless networks that are there in your vicinity. All you need to do is to make use of the digital compass that is a part of your Android device and then see where and at what distance the networks present.

All the users of Google Android should make use of these amazing apps as they are free and just run on the Wi-Fi network that is present in all the Android devices. The use of these apps makes your Smartphone smarter and also more interesting. It helps you connect to the rest of the world and be constantly updated with the latest advancements in technology.

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