Android applications are not only limited for games, fun or music. There are thousands of applications which can help you in office work. Once you get used to these apps you will know that the smartphone can serve you as an executive assistant. Gone are the days when you had to switch on your laptop to read a pdf file or make some invoices. With the latest set of applications you can get all this work done with just a click on the smartphone.

Business requirements are not limited to getting connected on social sites like Linkedin but updating visiting card on your mobile itself. Imagine when you are driving and you get an urgent call to join a video conference. With applications like Skype, you can immediately get connected with people on video chat on mobile itself. Businesses require communicating with lot of people and creating a client base or even hire new employees. Doing it through newspapers is an old and rejected idea. Here I will give you a list of top 10 Android apps which will help you in your business:

1. Google Voice

This is a Google telephone number to call all over the world. You can route your mobile calls through this number to keep your number private. You can also access voice mails or text messages from this application.

2. Scan2PDF Mobile

It can be used to scan documents and convert them into PDF file and store them on the phone itself. You can test it by downloading it for free and then if you like it, pay and buy it.

3. CamCard

It is a professional visiting card reader using your mobile phone’s camera. You can do a free trial to test but for future use you will need to buy it. It will easily save the data in address book or Gmail account. You can export all the card data in excel file to your local PC. It can also share and recognize QR codes.

4. Box

This application can be used for secure sharing of data to any place. It will help you storing lot of files on to your android phone in addition with uploading the data.

5. Documents to Go

You can use it to make Powerpoint presentations, Word documents or Excel files. The free version will allow you to open the document, but if you want to create or edit any such file then you will have to buy it. Using USB port you can transfer the files from your laptop to phone and vice-versa.

6. PrinterShare

This is an amazing application which lets you connect to printers to anywhere in world. While doing remote printing, no worries data is sent securely through PrinterShare service. Local printer can be connected through Wi-Fi.

7. Invoice2go

It has lots of invoice to choose amongst and then create and email to client. It also has a paypal button to immediately do the payments.

8. SignMyPad Pro

Just like we do digital sign on PDF file in our laptops, this app also uses paperless document transfer technology to get signature on a PDF file. You can use magnetic stylus to get signature from clients.

9. Google Drive

The ease of google docs is widely known. Now with this application you can use it on your smartphones as well to create, edit or update google docs.

10. Universal Translator

Your job may require you to travel all around the globe and interact with lots of people. In such cases this application is very handy to understand local language. Place the phone when the person is speaking and quickly it will play back in your required language.

About the Author: Nancy Rorie is a married person and from Baltimore who loves to search Google to buy wholesale products. He is also a gadget freak who always find latest deals on the Internet.