There are several new games in the app store this week. Check out the features of each one. There are links to the app store and a video showing the gameplay.

Bowling Central 2 (Android)

This is a bowling game with a multi-player mode and 3D lanes. It relies on touchscreen interactions. Swipe the screen to bowl straight, curve the ball, hook the ball, or bowl with a customized motion. Play against anyone online. This game utilizes synchronous-sim multiplayer technology. Here’s a list of features:

● 10-pin bowling matches in real time
● 8-player tournaments
● Turn-by-turn play with other players in the room
● Weekly competitions with global leaderboards
● 24 decorated balls
● Themed environments
● Multi-language support

The Hunt for Red Panda (Android)

The goal in this game is to restore paintings. There are several tools available to you including droppers, reagents, and erasers. After restoring a painting, visit museums around the world to stop the Red Panda before he defaces another painting. There are
several mini games along the way including:

● Preventing falling paint drops from hitting the ground
● Jigsaw puzzles
● Color mixing
● Lock picking

Here’s a list of additional features:

● 5 restoration tools
● 7 museums with facts about art
● Hidden objects game
● 8 hours of gameplay


Chaos Legends (Android)

This game is set in a mythical Chinese world where a war between two empires rages. It is persistent, so players can leave the game and return to a new, changed environment. Here are more features:

● 3 playable heroes with unique skills based on traditional Asian fantasy
● Powerful mounts and magical pets to battle with
● Multiple PvP battlefields that hosts 500 vs 500 battles

This game uses U3D graphics technology, 4K visuals for the Chosen, and full 3D dynamic environments.

Gun Glory: Anarchy (Android, iOS)

Save the world from deadly radiation in this 3D shooter. There are cool weapons including spitting lava, a freeze gun, dragons, and guided missiles. Use these weapons against zombies, exotic monsters, and giant robots. Here’s a list of additional features:

Auto movement system lets players aim, while the character moves around the screen
Multi-player real-time PvP battles

This game is compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher and iOS 6.0 or higher. There are in-app purchases.

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Vasanth Simon