There are three more games worth mentioning. These are side-scrolling games with different themes. One takes place in castles, while the other takes place in the open skies. The third game is set inside a darkened building. Read on to learn more about these new games in the app stores.

Runaway Hero – Dangerous Running (Android, iOS)

This is a side-scrolling platform game with on-screen directional buttons and a jump button. The game world consists of dungeons, treasures, and devious monsters. As you play, gain experience and level up. Meet the Wiseman and receive advice that will carry you through life. There’s also ‘watchout’ situations that add variety to the game. Here’s some of the game elements to look forward to:

  • Ladders
  • Swinging ball and chain
  • Spring-powered battering rams
  • Flame-spewing geysers
  • Giant bosses

Vanishing Floor (Android, iOS)

In this game, you play as a crate that hops from one platform to another. It has the ability to double jump to reach platforms that are out of reach. Unlike other platform games, the platforms in Vanishing Floor disappear and reappear. Time the jumps to land on the platform and quickly jump again to avoid falling through the sky. Here’s more details:

  • Collect crystals along the way
  • Unlock funny costumes
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Chiptune music

LightEaters (iOS)

Navigate through a dark house with a flashlight in LightEaters. There’s items to pick up, ladders to climb, and elevators to reach higher platforms. As you make your way through the building, LightEaters are lurking, waiting to attack. The best way to avoid them is to turn off the flashlight. Here’s more details:

  • Tap and double tap the screen to interact with items
  • Open locked doors with keys
  • On-screen prompts and directions help guide the player

Vasanth Simon

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Vasanth Simon