Here’s the latest games to hit the app stores. There’s a couple of puzzle games and a less sophisticated runner game that features animals crashing through a farm. The puzzle games appear challenging. The features of each game are listed below, and there’s a link to a video showing the gameplay.

Perchang (iOS)

This game takes place in a factory setting with pipes, gears, and treadmills. The goal is to move pinballs to a certain place, usually inside a pipe. Bounce them off of walls, magnets, fans, and teleporters to reach the destination. The controls are simple and feature deep mechanics. Here’s more details:

● Puzzle action strategy game
● 60 3D-rendered levels
● More challenging rounds are featured in the Gold Runs
● Customizable colors for obstacles: red or blue
● Achievements
● Android version available in July

70 Seconds (Android, iOS)

This game consists of interactive puzzles that are based on IQ tests. They are designed to improve logical thinking. Players can compete against other players from around the world. When someone wants to challenge you, a puzzle is generated. It’s up to you to accept the challenge and beat the challenger’s record. Other players can join the game as well and try to get a higher score. Here’s more details:

● 30+ interactive puzzles
● 70-second time limit within which to score as many points as possible
● Available on multiple platforms including Windows Phone

Crashing Season (Android)

In this game, you play as an animal (bear, walrus,warthog). Your weapon is your body. Use it to crash through obstacles and collect items, coins, and diamonds. The story is about revenge. Evil hunters and their allies destroyed the wealth of animals during their quest for world dominance. A band of like-minded animals set forth to retrieve their lost wealth. The results aren’t pretty. Here’s more details:

● Physics-based 3D world
● Closed-area runner game
● Survive waves of enemies
● Fight bosses
● Complete goals

Vasanth Simon

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Vasanth Simon