Playing a game on a smartphone isn’t the best gaming experience, so playing for more than a few minutes usually indicates that the game is good. The following games are good enough to play one time. The experience will be fun and enjoyable, but you have to know how to play the game first. So, imaging playing with multiple lives to take into account the multiple times you will die. You’re bound to have a satisfying gaming experience with the following games.


This game has an entertaining opening that is like a movie. The main character escapes from a government-run building by jumping through a window and lands safely with parkour techniques. This is a side-scrolling game that requires the player to jump over expanses, climb walls, and slide under obstacles. If you don’t move fast enough, your pursuers will catch you.

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This game tests your reflexes. The goal is to stack as many blocks as you can. The blocks appear on screen one after another. Just tap them when they cross over the rising column. If you are quick enough, you might set a new game record.

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Alto’s Adventure

The sound of cow bells and rain drops are heard at the start of the game. When the llamas escape the farm, it’s time to chase after them with a snowboard. Race down the snowy mountain collecting coins and animals. Jump over obstacles by tapping the screen and press and hold the screen to rotate during backflips in mid-air. Remember to let go of the screen to land upright.

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In this game, you have to navigate through a maze by holding the screen. With each hold, the arrow turns left. The arrow will always try to turn right, so press the screen whenever you have to turn left. The maze has a zig-zagging construction. In the path of the arrow are pyramids that can be connected to the arrow to make it larger. Aim the arrow at the pyramids to collect them.

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Awesome Owl

When you first try this game, it will be unplayable, but after a few tries you might be able to play it well. You play an owl that flies through the air. If you don’t tap the screen properly, the owl crashes into the ground. Swipes make the owl move forward and holding the screen makes the owl fly in circles. Keep swiping the screen to move through the level. Avoid flying into giant spiky balls floating in the air.

Download Link: Google Play

The Best Game Is…

Vector. The opening movie is worth downloading this game. The gameplay is not that bad, but it does get repetitive. The ninja sent from the government-run building motivates you to jump and run instead of relying on the AI to play for you.