Instead of building cardboard puzzles on the coffee table, use the touchscreen on your smartphone to create beautiful pictures from a jumble of digital pieces. The following list features five well-designed jigsaw puzzle apps. Some of the features to look forward to include a large selection of images, customization options, and the option to use the finished picture as a wallpaper .

Jigsaw Puzzles Epic


Jigsaw Puzzles Epic has a cool interface and easy-to-access sidebar options. There are several types of pictures in this app including desert scenery, city streets, lighthouses, and many more. After completing a puzzle, move on to the next one. You can customize each puzzle by selecting the number of pieces to play and whether or not to rotate the pieces. While building the puzzle refer back to the original image with the Preview option and mix the pieces by using the Scatter option. Also, you can quickly locate the edge pieces by using the Edges feature. If you want to build a more personalized puzzle, upgrade to the premium version of the app and upload pictures.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Waterfall Jigsaw Puzzles

This app features several types of puzzles including jigsaw puzzles, switch puzzles, slider puzzles, and rotation puzzles. Drag the touchscreen to move the pieces in each of the games, except the rotation puzzles, which require you to tap the pieces. All the puzzles feature waterfalls. You can choose to play with as little as 9 pieces or as many as 64 pieces.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Beach Jigsaw Puzzles

There are several types of pictures to choose from in this app including beaches, parrots, sunsets, actresses, cartoons, and many more. You can also use your own pictures to make puzzles and search the internet to find pictures. There are several types of puzzles in this game including:

  • a standard jigsaw puzzle
  • a template-based fill-in puzzle
  • a shuffle puzzle where you move a piece into the open spot
  • a free swap puzzle where you swap pieces in different locations
  • an adjacent swap puzzle
  • a challenging turn puzzle
  • a scale puzzle featuring different sized pieces
  • a challenging rubik puzzle

There’s a time limit. After completing the puzzle, you can save the picture and set it as a wallpaper for the phone. You can customize the settings or use the standard difficulty.

This game is available on Google Play.

Jigsaw Puzzles Real Free

This jigsaw puzzle app has a pleasant interface with easy-to-find pictures and options. Scroll through the list of available images that include pets, arts, sports, castles, beaches, and flowers. Set the number of pieces and whether you want the rotation feature on or off before selecting an image. While building the puzzle, there are several features available including a zoom-in option and a background color change option.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Jigsaw Puzzles: 100+ Pieces


This app has a better layout than any other app previously mentioned in this article. Start building puzzles from various categories including abstract, beaches, cats, nature, and underwater. The images are vivid. You can also upload pictures to create your own puzzle. Select the number of pieces you want (between 9 and 100), rotation option, and shape of puzzle piece. While building the puzzle, there are several options in the well-designed sidebar including zoom-in, image preview, and background color.

This game is available on Google Play.


Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is the app to download. It is the best designed puzzle game with a lot of features including visually pleasing images, easy-to-access sidebar options, and worthwhile goals to achieve. The edge piece location function is handy, especially when you are building puzzles consisting of hundreds of pieces. If that is too many pieces, you can always go back and reduce the number of pieces.

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