With so many games in the app store, it’s not easy finding a cool maze game. The following list feature five different maze games. There’s a first-person maze, a running, obstacle course game, and an intricate grid-based maze game.

3D Maze (The Labyrinth)

This immersive game pulls you right into an intricate maze with hypnotic music and a unique control scheme. Navigate toward a green sparkling starting point using left and right direction buttons and a walk button. The goal is to reach the red, upside down spinning pyramid at the end of the maze. A background featuring an open terrain is a pleasing sight when you get lost and have to retrace your steps through the maze. Click on the upper left map to help find your way to the end. After completing all the levels, the multiplayer option is unlocked.

This game is available on Google Play.

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner is a cinematic game, similar in quality to console games. In this smartphone game, you are a runner that maps the maze, while surviving the dangerous obstacles in it. The game scrolls through the action, and the player must swipe the screen left, right, up or down to navigate, jump, and slide. There’s a timer, which counts down as you make your way through the maze. Double tap the screen to sprint and return to the Glades as fast as possible. There, you can exchange runners and view offers to earn gems.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Labyrinth Puzzles: Maze-A-Maze

This maze game gives you two options for playing: tilt, which uses the accelerometer and joystick, which uses the touchscreen. The tilt option is a better experience. Guide the ball through the maze and reach the center by tilting the smartphone in various directions. Along the way, collect stars. There are dozens of levels in this game, each with differing maze structures.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.

Maze Escape

Maze Escape is a fast moving game where the player guides the character though a vertically scrolling maze in which fire is quickly catching up to the character from below. Tilt the smartphone side to side to move through the maze. Collect coins on the way. It’s fun and challenging. Try to outperform yourself by playing it multiple times.

This game is available on Google Play.

Fugu Maze Free

Fugu Maze is a first-person game, unlike the previous games on this list. Move through the maze by pressing the circular directional button and look around by panning the screen. You’ll probably get lost in this game.

This game is available on Google Play and iTunes.


If I were to download just one game, it would be 3D Maze (The Labyrinth). This game has several levels, complex mazes, and a well-design touchscreen interface. Consult the map when you get lost and take in the ambiance of the setting.

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Vasanth Simon