Wake up in the morning refreshed, track the number of steps you have taken, edit photos, type faster, and access all your social media accounts from a single log-in with the following apps. These apps were recently added to the app stores. Check out the features and watch a video demonstrating each app.

Gentle Wakeup (Android)

This app wakes you up in the morning. It works by displaying light. Since the body’s biological processes are in the sleep mode, it will take gradually light absorption to wake up properly. That is what this app does. When the app turns on and brightens the display, either on a tablet or smartphone, the body will respond to the light over several minutes. The result is a restful, refreshing wake-up call. Here’s a list of features:

  • Fading sunlight simulator lets the sun rise and set
  • Multiple alarms and clocks
  • Snooze function with time limit
  • No loud alarm at beginning while still sleeping
  • Display will illuminate with sunshine slowly for a soft waking

Activity Tracker 2 (iOS)

This is a step counter for iPhone and Apple Watch. It utilizes the motion processor in iPhone 5s and later versions. Unlike other pedometers and apps, Activity Tracker 2 doesn’t use GPS, so the battery life is saved. The app also takes into account the gender, weight, and height of a person. It also sets weekly targets and daily goals for activity.

Here’s a list of changes in version 2:

  • Completely revamped user interface with new fonts & icons
  • New monthly activity view
  • Updated daily and weekly views
  • Improved startup time
  • Updated interface for Watch app
  • Many bug fixes

ToolWiz Photos Editor Pro (Android)

ToolWiz is a photo editor for Android devices. It has several features that appeal to photographers including a toning perfect color toolkit. It has several customization options including:

  • Brightness/Exposure/Saturation
  • Color Level/Curve/Color Balance
  • Color Temperature/Highlight and Shadow

The app has other editing options as well including underwater color correcting, defog, underexposure fixing, HDR, night mode, sketch, and one-click photoshop effects. There are three one-click photoshop effects including:

  • Auto Tone
  • Lens Blur
  • Brighten

The app contains over 100 unique filters and AI face editing options including Auto Makeup, Face Swap, and Beauty Score. There’s also 20 music themes that includes over 100 songs.

This app also has the basics including: Crop, Patch, Rotate, Healing, Perspective, Cutout, Reshape, Mixing, and Double Exposure.

Social Media Vault (Android, iOS)

This app lets you access all your social media accounts with one password. It also secures your social network and hides your activity on these websites.

Here’s a list of features:

  • Access all social media networks from a single user interface
  • Single access lock
  • Three types of authentication methods are available including: Password, unique PIN, and Complex Pattern
  • Hacker deterrent & monitor that tracks down unauthorized access attempts
  • Panic switch that quickly changes the display when others try to look at the screen
  • Stealth mode that removes all traces from phone
  • Built-in private browser that makes Internet surfing private
  • User-friendly Interface

WRIO Keyboard (Android, iOS)

This keyboard app promises faster typing with less error. The keyboard is shaped like a honeycomb and features large keys. The app learns the way you type and optimizes the keyboard over time. It is based on the Qwerty keyboard layout, but typical users increase their typing speed by 20 to 70 percent. There’s personalized auto correction and much more. Here’s more details:

  • Swipe up to capitalize
  • Swipe left to delete
  • Swipe right to restore
  • Quick access to special characters in over 30 languages
  • 1,000 emojis