Here’s three games to look forward to. One is a battle game set in a mythological world. Another is a match-3 game with an innovative throwing mechanic that tests the players marksmanship. The third game is a riddle contest that lets players compete for cash prizes.

Sacred Legends

This game is scheduled for release in Summer 2016. When it arrives, defend the lands of Ancaria against monsters. The gameplay includes:

  • Hero development
  • Loot collection
  • Fierce battles against monsters, demons, and creatures
  • Asynchronous co-op
  • Native touchscreen controls

The story of Sacred Legends builds off the narrative in Sacred Underworld, which was the add-on to the original game. Here’s a trailer for Sacred Legends:

Horsechestnuts Conkers

This game will be on Google Play later this month (June 2016). It is a matching puzzle game. The main character is a hedgehog named Horsechestnut. It collects nuts and berries for the winter in Oakberrywood. Here’s more details:

  • Match-3 puzzles with marksmanship-skill-based mechanics
  • Unlock power-ups to advance through the level
  • Use sunlight to grow the trees faster


Earn cash while solving puzzles in RiddleVerse. This game will be available in Summer 2016 for iOS and web browsers. Here’s a list of features:

  • Three national riddle-solving contests are offered daily
  • Riddles are written in rhyming verse
  • Each contest requires an entry fee to participate
  • The fastest responses are awarded a cash prize
  • Free-to-play area included

For more information, visit RiddleVerse.