Today I am looking at a few new apps that you might find helpful.

1. FileChat

FileChat supports Dropbox and Google Drive with a seamless collaborative experience on PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. The FileChat application will help web and mobile users improve their cloud storage experience by making it faster, easier and more intuitive, as it provides more than just the “chat” elements provided via other cloud applications. FileChat provides a tailored chat room that’s based in any chosen folder or file within a user’s Cloud.

FileChat is also available on mobile devices as a native app that offers a seamless experience, wherever users are located.

Get it now: App Store, Google Play

2. Passage – Password Manager

The first password manager that logs you in without a password. Turn your picture, photo or sketch into your digital key.

Passage uses your phone’s camera to register and recognize real pictures, scribbles and photographs to securely store personal data like website passwords, bank details and more.

– Passage saves all your private account details securely
– Uses real pictures and images to log you in, not more passwords
– Log in to your favourite websites with one tap
– Recover your information easily if your picture is lost
– Fast, easy, secure, and free

Get it now: App Store, Google Play

3. QikShare

Share pictures, videos to your computer and other iOS/non-iOS devices. Airdrop only works between iPhones, but Qikshare is your one stop multi platform solution. You do not need a USB cable, you can send multiple pictures and videos to your PC or MAC.

Get it now: App Store, Google Play