App Name: Driving Route Finder [Android App]

Cost: Free

Developer: Virtualmaze

App Market: Download Page


This application helps you to find the driving route between any start and end location. To create directions, just drag and drop the green and red colored pins at start and end location. The route between those two locations will be shown on the map. You can view the route in text format too. In addition to the route, you can view your traveling speed and travel distance.


  • Usability: Very simple and easy to use. Just drag and drop to find the route.
  • Driving Route: Shows very accurate driving route between the locations set by you. It helps you to reach the destination in time.
  • Travel Modes: Shows the route for driving mode and for walking mode.
  • Speed and Distance: It gives very accurate driving speed and distance.

The app is also available of iOS devices.