App Name: ForceFeed I The Smart Restaurant Curator [iOS App]

Cost: Free

Developer: ForceFeed LLC

App Market: Download Page


ForceFeed is a new take on modern dining. Instead of wasting time searching for a restaurant to eat at, ForceFeed takes your taste profile into consideration, and decides for you.

Instead of suggesting dozens of restaurants, the app picks a single, perfect restaurant for you based on what you love. Whether your Top Pick is a hot new restaurant, an old favorite, or a local icon, ForceFeed will inspire spontaneity and choose where you should eat. To really help you decide, we’ll give you just one restaurant every thirty minutes.

Unlike previous restaurant finders, ForceFeed chooses to make the quality of the restaurant paramount to the selection process. This is possible through Yelp API integration. By limiting the user to one search every half hour, the decision to go or not go has greater significance.

ForceFeed is an app that not only helps the user make quick decisions, it also helps restaurants. There are many small venues that receive little to no attention by the general public. They may have Yelp pages, but a user has no incentive to go to a new restaurant versus one they know very well. This is where ForceFeed makes a difference. When a restaurant is chosen, it is the only option for that individual. Future updates will further the relationship between restaurant and diner. This app works in every country that Yelp operates in, and is great for travel and when living in large cities.