App Name
: Weather Services PRO

Cost: Free / $3.79 Pro

Developer: Weather Services Group

Market: Google Play


Probably one of the first apps I downloaded on my DroidX, was a weather app. You always need to know what the weather is going to be. Well over the years I have tried many apps, websites, and widgets to provide weather information. I think I have seen almost all of them.

I recently came across a new weather app called Weather Services and it looks pretty cool. There is a free version and a pro version. The free version is good but you do get a number of reminders about upgrading to the full.

Overall there is a lot to the app. Before I go over what weather information, lets look at the app itself. when you first turn it on, you are given a nice option screen where you can set the units you want and of course the location.


The app allows you to customize the look with a large number of different themes. In addition to the themes you can customize the fonts, font colors, outline, and the text. The app has a number of home screen widgets you can use and even with them you can change the background and fonts.

The huge number of customizations of this app is a big plus for me. I like to be able to make apps look and feel the way I want. Now that we have looked a bit at the cosmetics, how about the weather part of the app.

As with any good weather app, you can select a location or you my location. I took the app with me on a trip a few hours away and it found my locations pretty quickly. In addition to the widgets, the app has a small icon on the notification bar which shows the temperature.

The app also lets you pick which weather provider you would like to use to draw your weather information:, WeatherBug, and Google Weather. The user interface contains a lot of information but the layout is easy to follow and does not seem cluttered. The main page gives you the time/date/location and some general info such as dew point, humidity, sunrise, sunset. There is also a 5 day forecast.


If you swipe the bottom part of the screen you will pull up some features that are only available in the pro version. The pro version gives you a series of 5 day charts graphically showing temperature, precipitation, and humidity.

If you hit the menu button, a small menu will open up. Here you can access a series of maps- precipitation, cloud, temp, wind. Again this are only available in the pro version but they look really cool. In this menu you can access local webcams, the charts, set location, and change settings.

The app worked very well for me and provides a nice bit of weather information. If you have more questions about the app,make sure to check out the developer’s website they have a lot of information.

I have mentioned the pro version a bit, so what is different. In the pro version, you can set up to 10 locations (free version only has up to 3). There are 31 themes available for pro version (7 for free version), and of course the charts and webcams are unlocked.

The developer has indicated to me that next update will give the app compatiblity with tablets, and will additional languages.

Weather Services is a nice weather app that provides a ton of customizations and some nice features such as charts and maps. So if you are looking for a weather app, this should be on your list to try.