I get some many requests for app reviews or app listings. I cannot keep up with them all. (This is a great problem to have by the way). Well in today’s post, I am listing some of those apps I have not yet had a chance to post on. By doing this, I can kinda clean out my inbox and get ready for 2017.

Feed2Go (iOS)

With Feed2Go you can design, conduct, and analyze surveys on your iPad — wherever you are, even if you’re offline. Surveys and feedback are as flexible and professional as you need them to be. Design your questionnaires by yourself, select and adapt prepared questionnaires directly in the app or just ask the Feed2Go team to create tailor-made surveys for your dedicated purpose.

Grosh (Android, iOS)

A shopping list app can help you to get organised and be more efficient at grocery shopping. But the current shopping apps are not very innovative and don’t provide any intelligence and are often way too complicated to use in comparison with pen and paper.

Character Trainer Chinese (Android)

No more tedious memorization or boring character learning! With the brand-new app Character Trainer Chinese, Chinese learners memorize the most important Chinese characters, their meanings and pronunciations quickly and effectively.

The motivation visual learning system has been developed in cooperation with the Confucius Institute Munich and guides step by step to a solid basic vocabulary for study, business and travel.

Gentle Wakeup (Android)

The App “Gentle Wakeup” is a sunrise simulator for Android which wakes people up gently and refreshed every day. The artificial daylight can make waking up feel as in summer while it is still dark in the morning.

PixWords® v2.0 (Android, iOS)

PixWords is the largest and most fun crossword game around, where words are riddled using pictures.

  • Translated into 50 languages
  • Over 12 million players
  • Over 1000 levels
  • Over 5000 guessed words

Orconoid (Android, iOS)

Guide our adventurers in more than 40 levels full of enemies through various worlds to kill the evil orcs.

  • Over 10 different types of objects and enemies. Each and every one of them will advance from time to time, trying to get as difficult as possible to defend our wizards.
  • Final unique bosses, one per each world.
  • Totally replayable levels with countless ways to finish each level.
  • Secondary goals in each level to complete 100% of achievements of the level.
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Localized to 6 languages