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Armed Heist [iOS Game]

App Name: Armed Heist [iOS Game] Cost: Free Developer: Sozap App Market: Download Page Description: Armed Heist is a third person cover-based shooter that lets players take part of a legendary crime spree. Clash with law enforcement and dangerous thugs while robbing banks and other valuable locations, all to increase ...

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Pilot Perils [iOS Game]

App Name: Pilot Perils [iOS Game] Cost: Free Developer: Excalisoft App Market: Download Page Description: Pilot Perils is a side-scrolling flying action-adventure game set in a steampunk world full of floating islands and exotic steam-powered machines. Take command of a steampunk flying machine and pilot through physics-based challenges on your ...

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Earth Atlantis [iOS Game]

App Name: Earth Atlantis [iOS Game] Cost: $4.99 USD Developer: Pixel Perfex App Market: Download Page Description: Earth Atlantis is a side-scrolling shooter with an original “Monster-Hunting” gameplay. The game features a unique and visually stunning drawing style, reminiscing the 14th century ocean exploration where the sea was considered a ...

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