App Name: Pilot Perils [iOS Game]

Cost: Free

Developer: Excalisoft

App Market: Download Page


Pilot Perils is a side-scrolling flying action-adventure game set in a steampunk world full of floating islands and exotic steam-powered machines. Take command of a steampunk flying machine and pilot through physics-based challenges on your quest to retrieve the components of your stolen invention, an invention that could save the world.

“Oh No! How could the mining company just take all my stuff! Who has time to pay bills with all these important inventions to build! I must get my stuff back… but how… ? Blimey I’ve got it! I shall build a ship with the scrap that is left and get all they stole from me! No one can stop the great Jack! ”

• Explore the broken steampunk world of Alvor; search for the components of your invention that will make the world of Alvor whole again.
• Overcome physics-based challenges with your flying machine: use 3Touch control and avoid wacky mind boggling obstacles.
• Play and go; easy to learn and great snack for in-between.
• Experience’s Jack adventure (single player): fly across 15 levels, visit floating islands, each unique in theme and gameplay, and that’s just the beginning of it..