For a game that has been around for thousands of years, checkers, also known as draughts, is still one of the most beloved board games in the world.

Although the abstract strategy game was by and large played on actual tabletops, one can today afford the luxury of accessing checkers anywhere at any time, thanks to strides made in technology.

A perfect example is Quick Checkers, an online checkers game that can be downloaded for free at the App Store and Google Play Store.

Conceptualized and designed by GamoVation, a leading video game developer based in Zwolle, the Netherlands, Quick Checkers has drawn a staggering 3 million users ever since its launch a year ago.

What makes Quick Checkers an outstanding app?

Compete against random players

Quick Checkers allows you to test and hone your skills against gifted random players from all four corners of the earth.

Challenge yourself and prove that you are indeed the ultimate checkers master.

Supports multiple variations

Taking cognizance of the fact that the game draws players from all over the world, Quick Checkers supports several variations of the game such as American Checkers/English Draughts, International Checkers, Spanish Draughts, Brazilian Checkers, Russian Checkers and Turkish Dama.

Even better is that there are plans to introduce more variations of checkers in the future.

Compete in popular locations

On top of that, one can also play in renowned locations such as Paris, London, New York, Amsterdam and Rio de Janeiro—provided they earn experience and level up in order to gain access.

Participate in Daily League

How competitively do you rate compared to other players within your skill level?

That’s exactly what the committed team at GamoVation sought to answer when they came up with the idea of a Daily League.

Now players can compete in a Daily League where most winnings count!

Competitive ranking system

Quick Checkers has a National ranking system which enables players to rank how well they compete with other players from their country, whereas the Global ranking system enables them to monitor their progress compared to other players from all over the globe.

Great graphics and convenient in-game chat

The game also has amazing graphics and a great user-friendly interface that enables you to navigate the app without breaking a sweat.

Quick Checkers also comes with an in-game chat system that allows users to conveniently keep in touch with their friends and other players.

When equipped with the right strategies, winning in Quick Checkers can be just as easy as playing it.

Some quick winning strategies include: always control the centre; always advance in groups; be the first to reach the king row; keep your king row intact for as long as you can; use forced moves whenever necessary; and be willing  to trade pieces when you’re leading.

Checkers - Online & Offline
Checkers - Online & Offline
Developer: GamoVation
Price: Free
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot
  • Checkers - Online & Offline Screenshot