Strategic games have a different type of thrill to them. They are exciting and a lot more fun. It tests your decision-making skills and intellectual abilities. We also try out different strategies and skills to get better with it.

Strategy games also include several types of board and card games which might be fun if you’re a fan of such a genre. And if you really are, PA Online Lottery bonus code is only for you to give a try. Today, we’ll be telling you what the top 5 all-time hit iOS strategy games.

1. Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI has become one of the most played strategy games right now. This game was originally made for PC, and then they made it available for iOS, Android, and other platforms too.

Upon its release, it gained a lot of traction because of its popularity. Even though it’s a PC game, it plays smoothly on iOS too.

Civilization® VI as its name suggests is a third-person civilization game where you explore and build your civilization using different tactics and expand your world.

 The basic concept of this game is, you start at the medieval age and slowly progress your way through different ages of your game.

You can make villagers, troops fight, make different buildings for resources and houses to expand your world.

The artwork and graphics of the game stand out from all of its competitions. This game was previously paid but now they made it free for everyone and so gained a lot more players than before.

It also packs in a lot of gameplay and exploration which is why people have so enjoyed this game.

2. XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is a turn-based tactical game. This is an expansion to the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It was given the reward for the best strategy game of 2012.

So, there was a lot of hype behind its prequel or expansion of it which is XCOM: Enemy Within.

It is a third-person game where you play as a character. You can explore different places and unlock new abilities, equipment and weapons.

It is highly strategic as you can use several combinations and tactics for weapons and soldiers to get your desired upgrades and progress your way through the game.

There is a lot of exploration you can do which makes the game feel more immersive and full.

Even though it is an old game now, people still enjoy playing it and that shows how people are devoted to playing this game still after so many years.

3. FTL: Faster Than Light

FTL is a simple little spaceship game where you can take your ship along with your crew on a randomly generated galaxy. It is a paid game where you use tactics to be successful and defeat your enemies.

It is a rogue-like game where you fly in a spaceship to deliver a special message. On the way through you get persuaded by a group called Federation. You have to protect yourself from them as they want to kill you. To survive, you have to upgrade your spaceship and come with different tactics to defeat them.

Here you will face constant battles with enemy ships where you will have to protect yourself from them and upon defeating them will grant your resources to aid you on your journeys and future battles.

With these resources, you can buy weapons, upgrade your ship, make changes, buy fuel, etc. You can also unlock different types of ships that have different type of gameplay to them.

It is important to strategize your gameplay to have successful gameplay. This game is not just only a strategy game but also a management game, a simulation, and a rogue-like. All of this together makes the game enjoyable to play.

Even if this game doesn’t have the best graphics, the gameplay is so enjoyable that it made itself one of the top hit strategic games in iOS.

4. Iron Marines

Iron Marines is a single-player, real-time strategy game where you plot bases, towers, different heroes to defeat your enemies through a storyline.

This game is unlike any other game. It is unique and has a different sort of gameplay from any other game. It is a paid game on iOS’s Apple Store, and we’ll be giving you a run down through it.

This game is filled with tons of enemies, fantastic graphics and animations, and a good story. It is a beautiful-looking game with in-depth graphics in it.

The gameplay of it is smooth and enjoyable. It also has very good soundtracks for you to enjoy your gameplay even more.

The gameplay and story aspect of it is also excellent gameplay. You get a base, and then you build your army to defend the base and progress through the game as a result.

It has tons of upgradability scopes and progression capabilities which makes the game so enjoyable to many.

5. Bad North

Bad North is a retro Pirate action game. In this game, you fight undead enemies, collect treasure, unlock characters, and discover weapons to progress through the game.

It is a click-and-drag kind of game where you have to be extremely strategic with your gameplay to survive and get the highest score.

This game has very retro-style pixel graphics. Despite sounding like a very old game, it is very pretty to look at. The colors of the games are amazing too.

In this game, you along with some of your troops are stuck on a small island. From the island, you need to gather resources and build households for different troops and leaders.

You will be attacked by enemies while you defend your island and you need to fight back against your enemies to survive. You can upgrade and unlock new troops and get different weapons to power up yourself against stronger enemies. You can also go to different islands and conquer them to expand and progress through your game.


Strategic games are fun to play once you get into playing the game. It is the perfect type of game to get through some boredom and kill some time.

Out of popularity, we made this tier list to show some all-time favorites and hit iOS strategy games.

All of them are popular to play. We hope that some games from this tier list will pique your interest and help you get through some boring times.