We are constantly re-thinking and reprioritising what we want in a great casino. Live dealers, more bonuses, better customer service or even different payment methods. If you’re looking to take a break from some of the best Interac casinos around, which you can find here, then the new SimCasino game could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Just like our everyday lives, SimCasino allows us to build and tailor the entire casino to what we think people prioritise in their lives to entice them to our business. More blackjack tables, a good restaurant to keep the punters from leaving the premises or maybe a cinema to capture a new audience. You’re the brains behind everything in SimCasino and it’s up to you to build a successful empire or babysit an empty site.

If You Build it, They Will Come

If you weren’t around in the late 90’s and missed SimCity, we’re so sorry. It was the game of the decade. You got to build your own city, keep the citizens from rioting and ensure the whole place didn’t burn to the ground.

Well now we get to re-invent the same idea but you’re a casino mogul on a mission to make a heap of coin. You start with an empty site and before you know it, you’re picking the perfect shade of blue for the tiles in the urinal! Once the structure of the building is done, you need to furnish it.

Should the slot machines be in the foyer to distract newly entered patrons or tucked around the corner? More roulette tables or do people prefer poker? Because your end goal is to run the business and make as much as possible, all these decisions will influence your bottom line.

People Pleasing is a Fickle Business

You have no idea just how petty some people can be until you work in customer service, and running a casino puts you right in the thick of just that. If the masses don’t appreciate your interior decoration, they won’t be sticking around. Not enough toilets, no ambience or rude staff and your pockets will run dry before you know it.

Likewise, you’ll want to ensure your high rollers are looked after with a VIP program. Maybe free drinks whilst people are gambling, or is that just a waste of profit? Do customers really come back to your establishment if they leave for a bite to eat?

Just like with the Sims game, pressure can soon mount up if you don’t keep on top of things. But what makes SimCasino so fun, is that you can choose to play with a little less involvement and not have your “Sim” suddenly keeling over. Your decisions won’t have your casino suddenly bursting into flames, but it certainly effects how profitable it is.

Luxury Resort or Cheap and Cheerful

As the architect of the entire operation, you decide what kind of product you come out with. And while you’re at it, just how big should you go? Add a restaurant to provide an alternative line of profit or maybe Vegas-style things and add a luxury hotel.

Conference facilities, cinemas and bars may also add to your profit, but they don’t come cheap and may not bring in the returns on your investment.

The Game in a Nutshell

SimCasino, which you can find at Steam, provides the perfect entertainment from anyone who has a slight passion for gambling, it’s that simple. The gameplay itself is incredibly fast to pick up and you’ll be surprised at just how fast your casino is up and running. Now it’s just a matter of dealing with the thieves and cheats!

The 3D graphics are spot on to offer some real immersion and everything is underlined with a really cool soundtrack to add to the mood. Not just for lovers of SimCity but a game for anyone looking to build their own gambling empire, if only for a minute. What better way to pass the time of a home lock in?