Whether you’ve recently moved to a new property or your existing contract is about to end, finding the best broadband deal should be a priority. After all, the choice of package will either enhance or hinder your daily online interactions.

The plethora of options can make it feel as though you’re navigating a minefield. If you focus on the right features, though, you can unlock the best broadband deal without much stress. Here’s all you need to know.

Step One: Write A List Of Your Requirements

It’s difficult to find the best broadband package if you don’t even know what you need. Therefore, the first thing you must do is list your requirements. 

The prioritisation of download speeds and data transfer limits will vary depending on a variety of issues. Answer the following questions for guidance;

  • How many devices are connected to the network simultaneously?
  • What activities (browsing, streaming, gaming, etc.) will be used?
  • Does the internet need to be used for transferring big data, such as for business?

Meanwhile, you should think about whether extra features like BT Hotspots would be useful as this can point you towards the best decision.

Step Two: Check The Broadband Coverage In Your Area

When considering different broadband providers, there are two main questions to ask before considering their offerings;

  • Is it available in my area?
  • Does it deliver the advertised rate?

There’s little point in paying for a Superfast or Ultrafast service when the speed you receive is actually far lower. You can run an internet speed test to see your current results, which should help you understand your requirements.

Most of the major broadband providers offer coverage checkers on their websites, allowing you to gain an accurate estimate into the anticipated upload and download speeds.

Step Three: Consider Packages & Durations

One of the best ways to reduce your long-term internet costs is to keep changing suppliers on a regular basis. This is because (spoiler alert) new customers often get the best deals. This is because companies want to entice people in, especially as they aim to secure long-term loyalty.

A shorter contract will allow you to seek an even better deal next year. However, if you can secure an exceptional price, locking yourself into several years can work wonders. Other tips to increase the value include;

  • Look for freebies when joining, such as Amazon vouchers.
  • Build a bundle with TV and telephone features (if required).
  • Look for deals at special times like Black Friday.

If you have a friend that uses the broadband provider, it may be possible to gain an extra freebie through the internet company’s refer-a-friend deal.

Step Four: Negotiate The Best Deal

Finding the right package and service provider ensures you get the perfect broadband product for your needs. However, this is a significant financial decision too. Whichever package you opt for, getting the best price is essential.

The easiest way to do this is to use a broadband comparison service. You may be able to get an even better deal by;

  • Telling your current provider that you plan to leave.
  • Phoning a sales agent and haggling for a better deal.
  • Negotiating free setup and activations.

When you do all of these things, either yourself or through a broadband comparison tool, it can generate a noticeable monthly saving. And you’ll have the right package for your needs. What more could anyone ask for?