The time people spending on their mobile phones is rapidly growing every year. Nowadays, some mobile apps are very useful. What makes them very interesting and useful for users? In this article, we will learn about the nine most important mobile app features that can make your mobile app very successful.

Here are 9 must-have features in your next mobile app in the following ways:

1. Voice recognition in android and iOS apps:

With the introduction of voice search options in smartphones, the whole scenario of information search has been changed. First implemented by google in its search engine, the feature has gone through many upgradations. With the use of this feature, users can easily use their voices to perform commands in your mobile app. This mobile app feature makes everything flexible for mobile app users. Users can use the mobile app through their voice only. They don’t need to use the keyboard while using the mobile app. We can implement this feature in android as well as the iOS mobile application.

2. Location marking using GPS:

One technology, that is used by mobile marketers to increase their sales and profits, is the location technology. With the given data of accurate location, time and place, it becomes easier for the marketers to target the right customer with the right message and tagging. Such features are so helpful to make people feel safe and not worry about losing the way. Geolocation tracker is the best mobile app feature for the users, they can easily find their places without any hassle.

3. Video Calling and video messages:

video calling is a very attractive feature for every app. Mobile app users can easily communicate with everyone through video calling. using this idea in applications like Facebook and Instagram, more developers are developing this feature in every app. if you talk about privacy, your all messages, voice and video calls are private too. You will be assisted to grant the permission of Camera and Microphone for the first time you make a call.

4. Augmented reality: 

One of the most promising features in mobile apps to look out for is an augmented reality; this feature provides amazing user experience through the interactive interface with the external world. Several apps use this feature for enjoyment, there are more professional ways for using this feature in a better way. Augmented reality in mobile apps helps developers to enhance the overall User experience, by the combination of digital conversion data, with the real-time situation. AR is a technology that offers computergenerated images for a user view in the real world.  These models usually take shape as 3D models, videos and messages.

5. Security and safety:

Mobile app security is the most important feature you must consider in your next app idea. Especially when your app needs to store personal information on the phone or on your servers, it becomes a large responsibility to keep this safe.

 6. In-app payments: 

Whether it’s grocery shopping apps or any e-commerce site, a secure payment gateway ensures hassle-free buying and also in the world which is rapidly transforming into a cashless society. In-app purchases today offer the ability to pay within the app using inbuilt security measures provided by the phones. In-app, payments can be done by just a tap on your mobile phone and you don’t need to use your debit/credit card every time.

7. Push Notifications for your customers:

Send messages to your customers. This is one of the usual features of the app, and one of the most crucial for any mobile app. They are more accessible to address than email, as they don’t close up in spam. They can include full graphics and are a great way to reach out to consumers with sales & notices right to their smartphones. We can simply address consumers by sending messages and information through the mobile app.

8. QR/Barcode Scanner Integration for easy recognition:

QR is also another feature that showcases how dynamic mobile technology is today. You may have seen these square barcodes rising more and more in outlets and brochures. The QR code combines offline and online marketing- enabling users to locate online coupons, company websites, and contact information with other things. It offers a prompt answer from advertising- you don’t have to memorize a phone number or website now with the QR system technology. They’re even being combined into some business cards.

9. Social Integration with your users:

 Social integration is a necessary feature for any digital technology. So if your brand needs a mobile app, it must include social integration. Social sharing is a great way to increase customer engagement, it will help you to grow more socially. Create strong relationships with everyone across the globe.

About the Author: Hemant Madaan

Founder of JumpGrowth & serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in IT & Mobile App Development; worked with people from diverse cultures and countries. Extensive experience in business management, P&L responsibility, team management, outsourcing, deal negotiations, pre sales support.