Keeping a budget can be tough, and sometimes that means that a bill or two might be forgotten once in a while. It used to be that people would have to physically keep a list of their expenses as a reminder of what bills had to be paid and how much arbitrary income a person had but as the technology advanced it shifts to the more digital platforms same in a way traditional casinos are changing operations with the help of popular websites like bet-dc.comToday’s all-powerful smart-phones are capable of doing virtually anything. That’s right; there are a bunch of apps you can use today that can put money in your pocket, these apps can assist you with avoiding debt, balancing your budget, and keeping track of what’s happening with your bank account, and at the same time, this can relieve stress levels whenever you think about your financial situation. Since some financial apps simply aren’t worth the download, here’s a shortlist of my top five

Mint (Google Play)
Price: Free

You will find this popular app very helpful to track your finances with all the details. Users can add their bank accounts, Paypal account, credit cards, and investments. After login, You will find a different tab for each information like Cash, Credit Dept and Investment. So you can check and have an idea of everything in detail where are you spending your money. You would also be able to keep a check on your credit score. You will also get reminders of your upcoming bills.

Already around 10 million people are using it, which means it is popular. Positive reviews and good ratings will give you an idea about it and this app is free. You can download it from the Play Store. 

Price: Free

If you are very lazy to track your small expenses then this app with help you to manage even Car, Eating Out, Clothes, House, Pet and many more. It is very easy to use interface. You can also link your multiple accounts. You will also get some key features like multi-currency support, report period, backup data, multiple accounts, building a calculator, no restriction, no ads. Monefy is also free and you can download it from the Play store.

PocketGuard (Google Play)
Price: Free

This app also focuses on helping to manage your spending. You can link your all financial account and a clear picture of your finances. This app is considered as most easy to operated to track your bills, income and saving throughout the month. Posket Guard also analyzes your finances and suggests many different ways of your potential savings. It also brings up different and better deals on your monthly payable bills such as cable services, Internet service, and phone services. This app is for android devices as well as for iPhone also

Price: Free

This is a very simple way to track your spending and manage your finances. Its special features are quick logging, the flexibility of the period to select, summary view, categories, reports and it supports multiple accounts. You can also separate personal, business and saving money separately. The limit can be set for the amount you wise to spend per week or month and the app will keep you updated. This is free to download but if you want to sync your information then you have to do in-app purchase. 

Price: Free

This is a wallet by Budget Bakers and one of the top free money management and budget app for Android. As it is a free package to control your finances and savings. It comes with 100% secure cloud back up but it is available through in-app purchases. It is connected with 3,500 banks worldwide, so it syncs transactions automatically from your bank this makes is hassle-free.