People love investment options that they can use their knowledge and earn some quality income without muddling into any complex business or any trade. With that aspect, trading in different investment tools such as stocks, commodity, and forex became popular. All of them are sharing the benefit of easy to trade, highly liquid, and intangible assets, and people find trading in these assets as an addition income, for fun, or as a hobby.

However, forex trading has some specific benefits considering other types of investments. Investing in various currencies are considered to be less risky considering the less volatile nature of popular currencies. It is clear that currencies and its values are associated with the financial stability of a country, any country which is not in financial turmoil would try to keep its value stable. This reduces the chances of substantial loss due to forex trading. Due to this reason, many traders prefer forex over other investment assets.

Use Apps for Trading

Considering most of the traders are not full-time traders, forex trading mobile apps are getting increased acceptance in the recent years as it ensures access to trading platforms from anywhere using the smartphones. While many of those apps are useful for easy trading, some are highly convenient and innovative with its options and features with a great set of customization and more.

One such smartphone app is 24fx trading from 24FX, a global leader in different trading options such as forex, indices, stocks, and commodities. It is great to know what are the specialties of the app, what makes it different from other apps, and its salient features.


It is a comprehensive solution for people who wanted to have every option of forex be included in an app. The app provides trading resources and educational materials at free of cost along with the trading platform for its users to ensure everything under one roof. It shows real-time data about global markets and provides a detailed technical and non-technical analysis on various parameters before starting each trade.

The app is simple, easy to navigate, and ensures smooth trading. The resources including the currency pair price history, forecast for a particular period, the graphical representation of currency movements, etc., are designed for easy grasp and helpful for informed decisions. The interface of the app is very easy, and even the first-time traders would find it highly convenient for trading.

Salient Features

  • Forex, options trading, and CFD
  • Up-to-date and detailed news feed and analysis to help the technical examination
  • Economic calendars
  • Live trading charts with latest numbers and analysis
  • 24/7 platform support and technical assistance

What Makes it Different?

  • More than 50 currency pairs including JPY/USD, USD/GBP, ERU/USD, and more
  • An education resource center for beginners with more than 20 video tutorials and a dedicated area for strategies and eBooks to advance the learning.
  • Trading Signals supported by 24option
  • Quick analysis on invested currencies and their movements
  • Deal size calculator to easily conclude the profits from the movement of currency and currency pairs


The app is simple and ensures easy buy within few clicks. Navigating and finding various options are hassle-free, and users would love using the app immediately after the first use. It additionally provides options of trades in commodities, stocks, indices, crude oil, and gold and silver which ensures trading on multiple assets using a single account and registration. The app interface maintains a vibrant environment which encourages quality trading with great customization and resources. Responding to global events and trends can easily be achieved using the alerts and news feeds that made available on the platform.

24FX - Forex Trading
24FX - Forex Trading
Developer: FX TRADER
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  • 24FX - Forex Trading Screenshot
  • 24FX - Forex Trading Screenshot
  • 24FX - Forex Trading Screenshot
  • 24FX - Forex Trading Screenshot
  • 24FX - Forex Trading Screenshot