The APC Direct app was launched this year by APC Overnight (the largest delivery network in the UK) in partnership with Parcel2Go. This new app was designed to allow their customers to book and track their shipments with ease.

The app is aimed predominantly at small businesses, to help simplify the shipping process while also allowing SMEs to offer their customers a better, more professional service. It’s simple and very user friendly, allowing users to book deliveries and track their progress on the go, through a phone or tablet.

Through the APC Direct app, users can:

  • Book expedited and next-day delivery services
  • Use the tracking tool to track your shipments
  • Complete secure payments with credit and debit cards

When I opened the app, the first thing I noticed is that it’s very easy to navigate. The welcome screen is minimal and simple, providing just two options: ‘Send a parcel’ or ‘Track your parcel’. There is a menu to the left, which contains a ‘My Details’ section, so you can update information, as well as ‘Support’ and ‘FAQs’.

If you want to send a parcel, each step is made very simple. Choose a collection address (you can select from previously used addresses, your device’s contacts or search using your current location), before choosing or inputting the delivery address. Below the address area is an info section, which details the maximum size and weight of parcels, as well as more about their delivery services.

After completing the address section, users enter the parcel’s contents and value, and information is provided about weight, packaging and size. Click ‘Continue’ and you are taken to the payment section. Payment is currently only available via card, but users can relax knowing that their details are safe, as all payments are secured by Barclaycard.

The tracking section is very easy to navigate. Users enter the shipment’s tracking number and corresponding postcode before selecting the ‘Track’ button. But the fantastic thing about this app’s tracking tool is the history section. When using most trackers, customers have to re-enter the information every time they want to check their parcels progress, but the APC app makes tracking so much easier. The tracker also shows ‘Recent order history’ and ‘Recently tracked items’, meaning you can track with just a tap!

If you run a small business and are looking for a way to simplify your shipping process, I would definitely recommend the APC Direct app. It’s easy to send a parcel, payment is secure and the tracking tool is quick and convenient.