Mobile applications are changing the face of business. They’re becoming more common and more powerful, and most importantly, they can help your business run more smoothly.  As a small business owner, the more you can automate your job, stay organized, and streamline your processes, the more efficient and productive your business will become. And this not only apply on traditional business but also for gaming industry like Michigan Lottery which has achieved surprising success with its online version in 2020 you can check Michigan lottery promo code and try it yourself.

Which small business apps are best? That will largely depend on your business and your preferences. If you don’t have the time to wade through an endless list of apps, we’ve plucked five tried-and-true options to get you started:

Workday (Google Play)

This single app will help you in HR and finances, with the help of data, not guesswork you will able to make better choices. This app helps you to connect and engage all your employees; it is customizable at any moment. With their Human Capital Management (HCM) as their management, you can plan efficiently and effectively plan to develop talent with few clicks. With this user-friendly app for small businesses, you can get more efficiency in less manpower. 

Venmo (Google Play)

This is payment for small businesses. This app offers much more than just sharing payment and splitting cab fares. After customer’s checkout, you can connect with real friends and you can share what you bought and experienced. The network of friends can view, comment and like on the shared purchases- with that your band gains a lot more exposure. You can also say that if you pay with Venmo allows it’s Android and iOS devices to pay with Venmo account. $.30 + 2.9% per transaction standard price is applied.

QuickBooks (Google Play)

No matter what is the size of your company, you will find QuickBooks online super easy to manage all business needs.

It is easy to track expenses send and create forms (such as invoices, quotes, reports, accounting, etc), know where you are spending your cash – it is user-friendly that makes it way too simple to understand. You can start a free trial of 30 days then you can choose from a pricing plan: Plus ($31/month), essentials ($23/month), or simple ($15/month).

RescueTime (Google Play)

This app runs in the background of your desktop or mobile phone, it tracks how much time you have spent on a website or task and it has an accurate picture of your day. It will send you that detail report based on your task. RescueTime will send you alerts so that you will know how much time you are spending on a task, reading email, social media, etc. Once you will have this report you will be aware that how much you are spending on a particular task, so you can make your time more productive. 

They have both free plan for life and you can also choose their Premium plan which will cost you $9/month (includes a 14-day free trial).

When I Work (Google Play)

If you have up to 75 employees then When I work is perfect for you. It is a job scheduling app more than a personal time tracker, this app helps you to track the time of your employees that where your employees are spending their time. You can create a job schedule that will work for all employees and you can manage the time. If you have up to 75 employees then this app is free for you. You will need a plan if you have employees over 75.