If you thought that Pokemon Go! was dead, you were not one of the thousands of people waiting in line or frantically calling up GameStop stores around the country trying to find the new Pokemon Go Plus accessory device.  In the United States, the game still ranks in the top 50 of all apps and the top 10 of the gaming category, meaning that it is still getting tens of thousands of downloads per day and with the Pokemon Go Plus at $35 apiece, if every GameStop received 50 of them – then Niantic and the Pokemon company just had an $11 Million Dollar weekend – and that is not counting sales at Nintendo stores or Amazon.

If you were lucky enough to get one of these highly sought after devices, the next obvious question is – where should I go with it? Since Niantic was quick to shut down all of the major Pokemon mapping apps like PokeVision, users have been forced to share their best hunting grounds on Facebook pages and in obscure forums online – until now.


The PokeNet mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, is a huge community of players with one goal in mind – map around the world the best Pokemon hunting grounds, commonly referred to as “nests”. Pokemon nests are locations (usually parks) that spawn the same kind of Pokemon over and over, often in groups of 2 to 3 at a time and very reliably. With this in mind, players of the game can take their Pokemon Go Plus and wander around a nest site, easily drawing in Pokemon and quickly gaining experience.

Thankfully, PokeNet is “Ban-Free”. Because the data in the app is gathered from user reports, and not from the Pokemon Go servers, there is no cheating and no getting banned from the game like many other Pokemon Go side apps caused. Over 3,500 nests have been reported around the world, and users are able to verify or dispute nests if they believe that the reported location is wrong (or if the nest has changed which happens from time to time).

The PokeNet community boasts over 60,000 users, with a vibrant community sharing data, posting photos, and generally just enjoying the game together. With a social networking feature, the app will also facilitate trading if Niantic ever releases that feature in the game.

PokeNet is free, and available on Google Play and in iTunes

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