People rely on their phones for all sorts of things, from connectivity to entertainment and more. But you may not realize that your Android phone is one of your most powerful life hack tools. With an Android phone in your back pocket, you have financial planning, virtual assistants, and organizational tools right at your fingertips.

Win at Work with Trello

Trello is the app that helps you break down your projects into easy-to-accomplish steps. Whether you’re handling things solo or collaborating at work, use the boards and lists in this free app to organize and track every step needed to complete your projects. This is an especially great option for Android users who need a little extra organizational help at work.

AndroMoney Helps with Finance Management

Download the free AndroMoney app for help with your budget and personal finances. Use it to figure out where and how you’re spending the most money, then balance that against your cash flow. If you’re having problems making the most out of your paychecks, AndroMoney is the hack you need to see where you can cut back.

Get a Virtual Assistant with EasilyDo

The EasilyDo Smart Assistant app is free in the Google Play store, and is one of the best automated life hacks out there. The app does a bunch of things, like alerting you to traffic, keeping track of your schedule, merging with other apps like your email, and tracking your packages. You’ll have way less day-to-day stuff to think about when you download this app.

Travel Easier with TripIt

Keep track of all your travel details in a single free Android app with TripIt. You just forward your travel confirmation emails to the app and it sets up a complete list of information for you, including itinerary. If you’ve already got Gmail set up on your phone, then the forwarding happens automatically. Get your itinerary any time, even offline, edit your plans through the app, and pull up directions to wherever you’re going.

Wunderlist Tackles Your To-Do Lists

If you’re the kind of person scribbling to-do lists on the backs of envelopes or emailing yourself dozens of things you don’t want to forget, you should download Wunderlist from the Google Play store. This free app lets you create to-do lists and access them across devices. Imagine the convenience: make to-do lists on your smartphone such as the Galaxy S6 Edge from a carrier like T-Mobile, then open them on your family’s laptop or another mobile device on T-Mobile’s fast LTE network. You can set reminders, share the lists, and delegate tasks to the entire family.

Demystify Interest Rates with Financial Calculators

Life requires a certain savvy with money, from your 401(k) investment to your new car payments. Use Financial Calculators, free in the Google Play store, to calculate all your money matters before you sign any paperwork. You may want to know how much a certain mortgage payment will affect your budget, or want to figure out how to pay off your credit cards. Financial Calculators makes all this much easier.

Google Keep is Your Note Organization Tool

Where do you store your data? If you juggle voice memos, photo apps, and random lists, then you need the free Google Keep app. From transcribing your voice memos to giving you an easy platform for color-coding your photos and notes, Google Keep is a much-needed organizational life hack. This one’s for those who find themselves digging through their phone memories way too often, and many times coming up without the desired information.

Expensify is Perfect for Businesspeople

Does anyone like creating expense reports? No? Didn’t think so. When dealing with receipts, all you have to do is take a picture and put it in the right file. You can also use Expensify to enter mileage and time worked at an hourly rate. When you’re traveling for business, you want things that will make your life easier so you can focus on the reason for your business trip and not a bunch of receipts.

Every app on this list is free, so you’ve got nothing to lose when you download them and give them a try. That Android phone in your bag is a powerful tool when your life needs a bit of hacking.

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