EarthCore: Shattered Elements, from Tequila Games, is an incredible, beautifully designed, content rich, digital card game for iOS devices and one you need to get. After playing the game for about an hour, all I could say was WOW!

The Basics: You play by placing cards (one at a time) on the  board to counteract your opponent’s card. The first to get their opponent’s overall points to zero wins. Now each card has a color and you need to know that:

Red beats Green
Blue beats Red
Green beats Blue

In addition to a color, each card has risk involved (points) which can hurt or help you depending on who wins that row. Many of the cards also have an extra skill which can be used to increase damage. If this does not make sense, do not worry. The game has an excellent tutorial you start off with and video summaries of these different aspects of the game.

When the tutorial is over , you will get your fist deck of cards which you choose from one of the following factions: Mage, Fighter, Rogue.

Now the game has the following areas you will be able to enter (once you get to the appropriate level)

  • Tavern – access to different events/quests (level 6)
  • Armory – boosters, avatars, factions (level 3)
  • Strategium – where you work on your deck, crafting and lottery level 5 and 7 respectively
  • Arena – play against others (level 4)
  • Adventure – where you first begin.

Within the Adventure area, you will find there are:

  • 5 campaigns
  • Special missions – to be unlocked
  • 10+ levels in each campaign that need to be played in order

Hopefully from what I have described so far, you can see that there is a huge amount of content and plenty to keep you going.  Are you excited about the game yet?!  I am.

Now the bad news- it is not yet ready. It was to launched this week but the developer just informed us that it will be another month or so. Why?  You are not going to believe it- to add more content!

Some of the things coming are: new game modes in single-player and multi-player, special missions, and events, new cards, rewards and skills. They are also going to tweak the existing features, and improve gameplay balance.

I am definitely going to wait for this one. The last piece of information is that this game is going to Free.

To keep up with the game, head over to their main website or Facebook page