Looking for a different kind of weather app for your mobile device. Then check out YoWindow for Android and iOS.

The app provides a beautifully setup and clean screen. With the swipe of a finger you can see how the weather at your location is going to change. You can easily set your location(s) and away you go. The app also allows you to use custom backgrounds or landscapes.

From their promo:

In animated picture reflects the actual weather, time and even season for the given location. It’s simple – works like a window. But YoWindow can also show you the future. Just swipe the screen to scroll the time forward.

Got some questions or want to see more screenshots, head over to their website.

It is an unique weather app that deserves a look at. To see it in action, check out their video below.

Developer: YoWindow

Cost: Free

Google Play:  download

iTunes: download