Looking for a new email app for your Android device? Need to remove the crap (as they say)?   Well MailWise might be your answer.

Now I have not tried the app yet but a buddy has and he says he like it. I did ask the developer if there is a web interface or iOS version down the road and they said no and yes respectively.

From their press release:

Most email apps have taken a different approach to organizing your inbox with the unification of multiple accounts or email labeling, but the problem of easily reading just what you need still remains unsolved. MailWise’s mobile email solution addresses the most significant component of every email conversation – the actual content of the email. The app’s clutter-free conversation view is unparalleled by any other apps, saving valuable mobile real estate and helping users overcome information overload.

MailWise, which was previously available as a beta version, provides a mobile email experience easier and faster than others’ due to features including:

  • Grouping of all repetitive notifications (i.e. Facebook birthday notifications),
  • Intuitive gestures
  • Chat-like view for all email conversations
  • Removal of repetitive information (i.e. signatures, and headers)
  • Color selection
  • Control of when to receive notifications
  • Supports all major email services including Exchange

The app communicates directly with your email without using an external server (beneficial for employees worried about corporate data leaking out)

You can download the app from Google Play here