Any.DO revolutionizes task management by turning to-do’s into a playful daily habit.

February 20th, 2013 • San Francisco, California

Any.DO the award-winning task management app is launching today the Any.DO Moment™ on Android & iPhone which turns its popular to-do list app into a simple & playful daily planner. The idea behind the “Any.DO Moment” is to help people plan their day effectively in a simple & playful way.

“The Any.DO Moment is a result of deep analysis of our data” says Omer Perchik, the Founder & CEO of Any.DO. “Since the early days of the company we’ve taken a very close look into how people actually use task lists and get things done. One of the things we learned is that people who have too many thing on their minds, end up procrastinating and reaching decision fatigue.”

In order to avoid this fatigue we’ve analyzed the daily habits of the millions of people who use Any.DO today, spotted potential productivity pitfalls and applied behavioral psychology methods to help people prevail and gain back control of their lives. The Any.DO Moment provides a quick & fun overview of your day, where you can see your planned tasks for today, and choose which ones you want to do and when.

“For a long time there was a lot of buzz about gamification” says Jonathan Saragussi from the Any.DO design team. “We’ve taken a slightly different approach. We came to understand that in our space it’s not about having a game-like experience with badges, leading boards & awards, but rather to have a fun and simple experience around something that otherwise might be perceived as a mundane chore.”

There’s a famous paradox with task lists” says Ran Segall from Any.DO. “On the one hand people want to list down everything they want to do but on the other hand, when they need to review it later and take the required action they feel like the list is simply too hard to accomplish which causes great frustration”.

With the Any.DO Moment we’re helping people to reduce stress by quickly reviewing today’s tasks and making smart decisions about them – one task at a time. From the feedback we gathered from our beta testers, simplifying the decision making process while making it simple and playful is key for getting things done. We hope that Any.DO will become the LAST to-do list people use.

One of the interesting insights coming from the Any.DO data is that people who distributed their tasks throughout the week & month tend to get more done then people who just create an endless list of things they want to do. Moreover, people who complete over 80% of their planned tasks a few days in a row will most probably turn task management into a daily habit.

On the first use of the new capability, users will be able to set a daily reminder for their Any.DO Moment, so they can turn into highly effective individuals by fostering the new habit of taking a moment to plan their day. “We’ve been testing the feature secretly in the past month and we’re seeing over 30% increase in engagement and over 20% improvement in retention” says Perchik, “The feedback is simply remarkable. We keep receiving emails from people who say they feel far more organized & relaxed since they started using the Any.DO Moment

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