App Name: Small Call

Developer:Apps FaLyf

Cost: $0.99 USD

Market: Google Play


Now before we begin with the review, imagine this pretty common situation. You’re amidst a brilliant landscape that is definite to enter your Droid as an image. You’ve triggered the camera, set the aperture, zoom, flash and almost every initial preliminary setting and ready to go. But just when you are about to click the capture button, the phone rings and you are interrupted. Irritating, right? The same sensation sustains when we are interrupted while playing a game, listening to songs, watching a video and the likes. Getting a call or a message at the least desired instance is the worst thing to happen, and thankfully we encountered an app that promises to offer a solution. We used the app and have shared over here, our opinions and review about the app.

Welcome to Small Call:

The application for android is based on a very novel idea and strikes a chord in terms of its motives. Basically, it is an application that allows you to continue what you were doing, without any disturbance and interruption. Once installed, the app ensures that user in no way is interrupted while he is up to something. 4.5 stars out of 5 for the concept!


The app’s features are quite impressive. The app once installed, can be setup to avoid calls and messages from interrupting your current tasks. The features can be classified into two broad categories – Incoming calls and text messages.

In terms of incoming calls, the app offers three choices – an option to reject (which I personally enjoy using the most), an option to redirect the call to voice mail and an ultimate option to answer the call. If you’re wondering how the app can display these options, when I’m already on a task, note that the app displays the notifications through a popup which gets triggered every time a call or a message reaches your phone. One fascinating feature of this app is that it features alterable opacity levels, which can be increased or decreased to establish a higher and lower contrast of the pop-ups respectively. Wise!

On the messaging front, the app throws up a similar popup which displays information on the sender and the message along with the options to ignore the text or send an automated reply. Though the app has a preloaded automated reply, users can customize the app by typing a message of their choice.

The Experience:

Our experience with this app has been quite wobbly, because it kept switching from being amazing to underwhelming at various scenarios. First we tried the app while texting, because I’ve personally have had annoying interruptions while typing messages. So, I was in my compose box and had my friend to call me. The app threw up a notification with exactly the same opacity level that I had set. Good! Next I opened up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and had my friend call again. To our surprise, the game crashed. I gave my phone a reboot and tried it with a lineup of similar conditions like with the music player, calculator, navigation and the likes and found it to be impressive and depressive alternatively. We arrived on a stable conclusion.

The Bottom Line:

The app has an amazing concept which deserves a pat-on-the-back. But what it deserves more is effort and updates. It needs to be properly developed and has to undergo some tweaks and bug fixes, which am sure the following updates would fix. As a closing comment – the app is good, and may work for you seamlessly. Don’t decide up on our opinions because these are our personal experiences which obviously need not be yours as well. So go for this app, as it is highly recommended!

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