App Name: iFile Download Manager

Developer: Beleela

Price: $0.99 USD

Market Link: iTunes

One of the major reasons why I have an iTouch5 is so that I can easily surf the web, deal with social media, and work on my sites when I on the run. Recently I have been away from the
desk more and more, thus I find myself bookmarking, downloading, and taking notes on my mobile devices.

iFile Download Manager is a very convenient app to have when you are working on your iTouch, iPhone, or iPad. The app is gives the ability quickly and easily deal with almost any type of file you might deal with online.

The app is setup with two menus, one on top and one on the bottom of the screen. The top menu has the various options when dealing with individual files such as:

Switch levels / Cut / Copy / Clipboard / Delete / Email / Search

The bottom menu deals with more of the file setup:

Local– list of files on your device
Dropbox – list to files in your Dropbox account
Browser– Convenient  link to surf the Web within the app
Downloads – list of files currently downloading
Settings– link to online help manual, etc

The app is pretty straightforward but it does come with a sample folder and files so you can get an idea of how the app works and “practice.” You can create, edit, and delete folder and
subfolders to organize your files. You can import photos and even create zip files.

The app also is universal and can be used in both portrait and landscape mode.

Two features I really appreciate with the app are the ability to link it with my Dropbox account and the ability to integrate with Safari directly with its custom bookmarklet. Another
service that I think would work well with iFile Download Manager is Evernote. I would be curious if the developer had thought about it.

I am pretty amazed at what all this app can do. You can monitor any files you might be downloading, read, cut/paste, share Word docs, pdfs, and even listen to mp3s.

So if you need help organizing and dealing with files on your iOS device, then I would give iFile Download Manager a try.

Just found out that this weekend (1/18/2013), the developer is have a Special Offer of 75% OFF for this weekend only. SO you can get the full app for only $0.99 USD!