App Name: Droid Money

Cost:  $4.99 USD

Developer: HaG Droid

Market: Google Play


Droid Money is a new app that is an expense manager for your Android phone.

Droid Money is a bank account and budget manager. It allows you to easily track and manage your daily expenses while on-the-go. You can add your bank accounts, establish your budget, display graphs of your expenses, and even create reminders for your bills. You can even customize “one-click” widgets for faster item entries.

The development has really been guided by two concepts : simplicity and speed. When you look at what is already present, as budget manager app, you realize that it is often annoying to have to type your transactions details all the time. With Droid Money you can predefine your transactions parameters by using one of our widget. You can for example specify the account that will be use, the item you’re buying and the category it goes into.

The app also has other widgets that will let you choose between expense or income. Then all you have to do is to specify the item, the amount and make sure that the assigned account and category are correct.


The interface is designed to be simple: light and clean. The graphics are really fast to load and they let you see where you spend your money every month. If you want to compare how you’ve been doing every month, you can also do that by using the bar chart. The interface is also using the long-click for all editing and parameterization operations. Google indicated that the long-click philosophy is something that will eventually have to disappear, that’s why we are working right now to rethink the UI a little bit to include these considerations.


  • add/edit your bank accounts
  • define your budget and organize your expenses into categories
  • set reminders for upcoming bills
  • automatically record your recurring transactions
  • multi-currency operations, change rates are updated with the latest values
  • set password protection at application launch
  • display pie-chart and bar graphs to help analyze your expenses
  • 3 easy-to-use widgets to help you manage your money faster and easier
  • keep your accounts and your budget constantly synchronized