App Name: Push Box- Sokoban

Developer: Rafael Martin

Cost: Free (in app purchase)

Market: Google Play


Looking for a challenge? If you like puzzles, you need to try Push Box. At first glance, you might say, I have seen this before or very simple graphics, what is the big deal. Yes both of those things might be true but Push Box was a nice surprise when I tried it.

Your job in Push Box is to move the boxes in the play area to cover the x’s. Now you can only push the boxes up/down and left/right.  You can tap or swipe to move. Now watch out for the corners! I really have come to like the game. It definitely is a challenge at times and some times not much of one.

The game comes with 8 areas with 30 levels in each area- so there is a ton of game play.  No stars or coins or score- you finish the level or you don’t.

The developer has indicated that more updates are coming. Also to celebrate the game, the developer has given us 5 promo codes so download the game and pick up a code to unlock everything in the game!






Hurry- they expire on August 15th.