App Name: Splashtop Remote Desktop

Description:  Splashtop Remote Desktop is one of the most highly rated remote desktop apps currently on the market. It has won numerous awards. The app allows you to access your PC or Mac remotely.  You can streams smooth, high-res video and audio from your desktop, play games, do email, word processing, presentations, and more.  You can access Facebook games too!. The app is also fully optimized for Amazon Kindle Fire,  B&N Nook Color and Nook Tablet. There are currently a number of different versions available: HD (optimized for Android 3.x tablets) Pro designed for corporate IT, service providers and system integrators to enable mobile workforce with tablets,and  Sony: designed for Sony S or P tablets.

Cost$4.99 /$6.99 HD

Developer: Splashtop Remote


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Splashtop Remote Desktop Review –