If you are new to Android or an experienced user, you undoubtedly have seen the huge number of reviews that exist online for almost any Android app or game. Reviews are good, we need them. As a reviewer myself though, I have found countless numbers of reviews which really do not answer the questions I have on an app.

Many reviews are simply regurgitated or cut and pasted from another review. I know why sites are doing this but it makes it harder for a new Android user and/or consumer to really get a good picture of an app. Yes many apps are free so it is easy to try and then delete but with the Google market only allowing a 15 minute return policy, a good review can save you some time, frustrations, and money.

So what makes up a good review?

As I was preparing this article, I had my ideas on what made up a good review.  I thought it would neat to hear what you guys think is a good Android app review. A few weeks ago I put a survey up and many of you responded. To those that did, thanks. So below is a summary of what folks say and then I will add my two cents.

Which elements do you think make up a good app review? (more than one selection could be made)
91% Screenshots
91% Use of a rating system
64% Videos
64% List device(s) tested on

Which are important when considering a game?  (more than one selection could be made)
100% Longevity of game play
82% Price
73% Graphics

Do you find the app developer’s video useful?
91% Yes

Which are important when considering an app?  (more than one selection could be made)
82% Price

Regarding Freenium games, which matters to you? (more than one selection could be made)
73% How much of the game is free
64% How much will it cost to continue using or unlock certain features.

Regarding multi-player games, which is important? (more than one selection could be made)
55% Play cross-platform

I was not too surprised from the responses I got, Overall I would agree with each one.  Some other thoughts I had on what would should be in a good Android app review:

  • list device tested on
  • original video vs the dev’s copy
  • ad placement- does this interfere with the game play?
  • learning curve to game?
  • tablet friendly?

There are probably some others you can think of.  Feel free to share them in the comment area below.  Overall a good Android app review should answer your questions and help you make a decision on whether to get the app/game or not. I think the components listed above would do that. It would for me.