With so much happening around the world, it’s important to stay in touch with the happenings around us in some form. News is one way to do this. While modern-day news is not quite the same as before, customers can get well adjusted to the changing trends the same as DE online casinos for traditional iGaming. Today, almost everybody has a smart phone, allowing them to download applications for pretty much everything. Well, there is news apps out there that help us keep in touch with global and local news. We’re going to talk about five of the best news apps available for Android.


Feedly is one of the best android news apps that include RSS reader. The app pulls all the critical news feed from various sources and websites. The objective is to build your own news network from places that you trust. It’s a powerful tool to refresh news feed. Each day a thousand people use Feedly on their Android phones or tablets. The app comes with all the features you need to edit and maintain that list and view fresh content from it. Plus, if you don’t have time to read the article then simply bookmark the article and read it in your spare time.

Google News

Google News effectively replaces its previous version Google Play Newsstand. The app looks visibly polished, sophisticated and delivers a smooth experience to readers. Google news is perfect for extracting knowledge from all over the world. Google gives you daily briefing with headlines in your news feed or if you want to read a full article then simply tap on the full coverage to get everything about the topic. Google news is famous for delivering relevant content in the news feed according to your search results.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News giving you the updates according to your area of interest. From breaking news to trusted, in-depth stories and world’s best journalists, Microsoft News has it all. With the released new version of curate designs, the app has come a long way with important, interesting and trending news from all over the world. You can also switch to the breaking news as well as check local news by selecting different dark and light themes.


Inoreader provides you information from all over the world. It works like an RSS app to customize your news reader. If you read an article and left in the mid due to some busy schedule it will show you the remaining article which you want to read by clicking on the same article. It’s a great step for those who want to save their time. It’s a completely free app.


An alternative news app for those who don’t prefer Google News, Flipboard makes news articles appear seamlessly on top of each other to let you pick the most relevant story to you. It’s learning from your reading habits, so you can customize the stories you get. You can find news stories for pretty much every niche on Flip board, which makes this app pretty versatile as far as content is concerned.