Chances are, most of your photo roll is just sitting in your smartphone, unseen and unappreciated by anyone but you (and even then, only when you’re truly and terribly bored). We fire out snaps at a rate of knots in this day and age; yet very few of them actually make it to public consumption. We select our choice shots for upload to Instagram or Facebook, sure; but did you ever think that there could be some shots in your collection that might be appreciated by someone out there for reasons you can’t even fathom? Well, the team behind FindYou Photo has given you the chance to find out; this smart little app is free, new and out now for iOS.

The brainchild of Liam Rogers, FindYou Photo aims to reunite unknowing photo subjects with photos that feature them, as well as allowing users to hunt down specific photos from big events and gatherings. How does it achieve this? Well, for starters, it dispenses with tagging. It’s gone. Done. There are no names and no hashtags to be found with FindYou Photo’s coding. Instead, the app utilises the parameters of time, date and place, allowing their users to track down photos using these three specific search fields.

Which means it can get really specific. It doesn’t matter how old the photos are; if they’re in the communal database, you’ll be able to find them. In the age of personal information, FindYou Photo offers a new way to peruse photos, without the incessant refreshing of hashtags and name tags utilised by other platforms. It’s a smart, Swiss army knife-style idea; people at large events can track down any and all photos from the wedding, party etc., while tourists can scour the uploads of places they’ve been to try and discover new shots of themselves having fun.

It’s a really clever idea, and the interface is worthy of it; smooth, simple and engaging to use. The only downside is that the app needs a lot fo people using it in order to well and truly revolutions the photo-sharing sector. So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first! You can get ahead of the curve right now, and download FindYou Photo at the App Store today!