Star Trek Timelines from Disruptor Beam, is a fun game that any Trekkie would like. I heard about a new Borg event starting this week, so I decided to download the game and give it a try. This game is different from any other as all of the various Star Treks are merged into one game due to the Augments.

You will assemble a crew and then go on away missions and space battles. The success of your missions depends on the crew you select for the various tasks. Each Star Trek character has different strengths and you will need to use these wisely to complete your missions. YOu can also pick the difficuly settings for each mission.

As you progress you will earn items which can be used to upgrade your characters and their skills. Right now I have Picard, Sulu, Spoke, Torres, Huey, and more. It is free to play but you use IAPs to get more characters or upgrades.

I am enjoying the game play – the graphics, story line, how you create a crew, the amount of stuff to do are all great. So if you enjoy Star Trek, I suggest you give Timelines a shot. FYI- you need to be Level 8 to access in game events.

So what is up this month? Read about it here.

“Players will engage in a month-long excursion to repel the Borg by joining weekly in-game events, participate in Borg-themed Gauntlets and engage in limited-time Distress Calls – all with Borg-themed rewards such as assimilated versions of fan-favorite Star Trek characters and the much-requested Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact! An all-new Borg Sphere will also work its way into the game as Process of Assimilation progresses in the coming weeks.”