App Name: Graphing Calculator + Math [Android App]

Cost: Free /Pro ($4.99 USD)

Developer: Mathlab Apps, LLC

App Market: Download Page


The Graphing Scientific Calculator is a system for solving and graphing variety of math problems for students and professors of schools, colleges and universities, for engineers, physics, financier, medical workers, policemen, carpenters and many others specialists.

It covers fractions, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, systems of linear equations and inequalities, finds roots of polynomials, coordinates of intersections, minimums, maximums, and points of inflexion, all operations with complex numbers in normal and polar formats, it operates with vectors and matrices, calculates limits, derivatives, differentials, definite integrals, statistics, plots 2D and 3D graphs.

The calculator has intuitive UX and easy to use. The User Manual describes how to use everything with a lot of examples, screenshots, and custom search.