App Name: Stylie One [iOS App]

Cost: $19.99 USD

Developer: Stylie

App Market: Download Page


Let your beautiful self sit down. Today, Stylie announces the launch of Stylie One, its seamless business management solution built especially for independent hairstylists. Supporting the independent hairstylist with simpler software including inventory, scheduling, auto-marketing, point of sale and more to help manage his/her business, Stylie One is designed to cut down on time spent on administrative processes while increasing the opportunity to connect more deeply with clients.

Unlike other solutions on the market, Stylie One’s team has spent decades pursuing their vision of simpler software and more intuitive design, and it’s paid off, with their tanning salon software products now #1 in the US. They’re now bringing that same intuitive simplicity to help a stylist’s unique business practically run itself. The mobile and desktop platform offers the following features so hairstylists can keep their world simple while helping clients feel beautiful:

· Mobile, on-the-go access. The mobile app keeps business information at the fingertips of hairstylists and is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. From scheduling to inventory, hairstylists can easily access simple reports from anywhere.

· POS and inventory management. Stylie’s software simplifies sales, bookkeeping, and inventory management by providing automatic updates, filed receipts, purchase and return tracking, and more. It even offers a group pay option for any group requesting to pay one bill.

·Credit card processing. Fast, easy, and secure payment processing paired with a competitive 2.65 percent fee streamlines payments right alongside all other aspects of a hairstylist’s business. Stylie is compatible with Apple Pay and will soon accept smart chip cards.

· Online scheduling. Stylie replaces impersonal, back-and-forth texts and missed calls with effortless online scheduling through its Schedule Fresh integration. In addition to allowing for quick and easy scheduling, Stylie will handle automatic reminders to keep clients alert and on time.

· Salon relationship management. Through client profiles, Stylie allows hairstylists to keep track of technical notes on hair consultations, as well as personal details related to each client’s product preferences, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

· Easy automation. Let Stylie do the grunt work with auto receipts, appointment reminders, set-and-forget marketing campaigns, and thank you messages. With easy setup and auto-tracking, this feature keeps clients feeling loved by their hairstylist.